Labs processing b&w infrared 35mm film

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  1. Does anyone know of labs out there that process b&w infrared 35mm film? I checked with Dwayne's, where I've sent colour and b&w 35mm films for processing, but they won't handle b&w infrared.
  2. Try Ilford in California
  3. I suspect most people do it themselves. Which film were you considering?
    Many processing machines use IR light to keep track of film going through, and so can't process IR film.
  4. Thanks. Their Web site doesn't specify if they handle infrared, so I e-mailed them. I'll report back when I get an answer. I checked out their prices and they are NOT cheap!
  5. Glenn,
    Specifically, Rollei 400 infrared.
  6. The Darkroom responded and, yes, they do handle b&w infrared 35mm film.
  7. Try this place. .
  8. The IR sensors used in film processing are likely GaAs at about 870nm.
    Rollei 400 goes down to about 820nm (down in energy, up in wavelength) so it might not be a problem. You might indicate the specific film you are interested in, when asking labs.
    Many black and white films go to about 650nm, which is where most reds are, even though it is commonly indicated that visible is 700nm to 400nm.
    The eye has a fairly long tail, dropping but extending a ways past 700nm, though not so sensitive. A 720nm filter looks very dark red, but you can see through it if the source is bright enough.

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