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  1. Since the film and processing forums seem a bit technical for this question, I'm posting it here. I need to find a processing lab in DC that does a good job for a decent price. I've explored Chrome in Georgetown, but their prices are pretty crazy. I've had bad experiences with several places here and am looking to find a good option.
    I will mostly be developing 35mm, with the occasional 120/220 roll. When I get my Linhof (Tech III!) rolling I will probably take those to Chrome, as I don't know of other LF labs in the area, but for 35mm or MF they are just not worth it.
    I should also mention that I'll only be needing development, not printing. At the beginning I'll get my negatives scanned at the lab, but I intend to purchase a flatbed scanner to do the scanning on my own.
  2. Have you given Penn Camera a try, yet... or are they on your naughty list?
  3. I haven't been encouraged by my interactions with them so far. Their prices are very high and they continue to focus on the point and shoot crowd. But I haven't gotten any lab work done there, and good development is good development. Have you had any good experiences?
  4. I've had very good experiences with the Penn Camera branch in Rockville. They send out some of their processing (E6, medium format) to l'Imagerie, a custom lab in Bethesda, which also does reliably good work. I would recommend both Penn Camera and l'Imagerie without hesitation.
  5. Check L'imagerie/Photography Centre in Bethesda.
    Better prices than Chrome and I believe Penn/Rockville sends their stuff there anyway.
    They no longer have 4 hour E-6 though so if you need your stuff FAST you will have to bite the bullet and pay Chrome.
    I've always gotten good work from them but the DR techs do tend to turnover so test roll or 2 first.
    They used to do 4x5 also. You'll have to ask if they still do.

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