Labeling 4x5 Film Holders

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  1. If you label film holders, consider getting Avery Type 8066 removable
    labels. A hair under 3.5" long, these labels are the perfect width
    (0.667") to fit in the narrow space at the top of a 4x5 holder.

    They are also wide enough to fit three lines of information. In
    addition to film/ASA, I've included underlined space for subject,
    place, development, shutter speed, f-stop, date, and a reference
    number. After loading, I write in the film/asa. After exposure I add
    the remaining info, including a sequential reference number. The ref.
    no. gives the lab a way of uniquely identifying each sheet of film.

    Picking up the holders and developed film from the lab, I can remove
    the labels and paste them into my negative book. Again, the reference
    number, which I place on the sleeve of each film sheet, provides
    traceability to the related exposure information.

    There are many ways to do this. But the Avery labels, being removable
    and being just the correct size to fit 4x5 holders, are a nice enough
    touch that I thought the idea worth sharing with others.
  2. Neil,

    I use1/4" wide masking tape and write on it with a fine-tip permanent marker.
    It stays put but, can be easily removed when desired. Most of the time, I just
    write a serial number on the tape and cross-reference that serial number in
    my log book...
  3. I number each side of each holder in India ink and then store each in a cheap zip lock bag to seal out dust and dirt. I print diskette size labels and stick to bags and use those to record exposure details.

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