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  1. I just got a set of proofs back from the lab, and thought it was odd they sent
    four boxes. When I opened them, I was a bit overwhelmed and realized they
    must have sent two sets of prints. I haven't gone throuh all of them yet, but
    it looks like this was the case. I double checked and wasn't charged for
    them. Question is, do I hang on to them, only to possibly end up tossing most
    of them down the road (I certainly don't need ALL of them!), send them to the
    bride as a bonus, ask if she wants to purchase them? I'm leaning towards just
    sending them to her, but I don't want to overwhelm her with too many photos.
    I'll divide them up, maybe put one set in the nice presentation boxes I use,
    and the other packaged a bit more simple? Any advice? Sorry for such a silly
  2. Laura - I get two sets of proofs at no charge all the time! I do it on purpose.

    I save the second set with the negatives in a acid free photo box with the name and date on the outside... Often I use them to update my sample books, send prints to florists, bands, venues, churches...
    With my business card and a sticker on the back.

    I also take 40 or so of my favorites and put them in a book with blank black board pages in sequential/artistic order. Some pages have one image and some pages have interesting cropped 4x6 so I can put more on a page. For instance I might have a 2z2 and a 3x6 and a 3x3 image on a page of getting ready... It costs me about $35. The book is not formal or fancy and is probably about 7 1/2 inches by 8 inches. Great for carrying to the office to show off the wedding.

    Doing this book has increased my album sales. Couples actually "see" that a formal album along these lines on a larger more upscale scale would look! Much easier to visualize and pick pictures for an album with this little teaser.

    My couples and the parents - usually say - we want to put together a larger album using the ones you picked and some additional shots we want to add. Since I don't put "formal group shots" in the album - that is usually the bulk of what they add plus a few of their favorites.

    After a year - I go through my boxes and get rid of all but my favorite shots. I like having a paper record of some of my best work.

    I will add that I was able to get lots of press in the local Bridal section of local newspapers with 4x6 prints! A few covers too! It is nice to have those extra prints....
  3. Great idea Mary!
  4. Without question, you call or tell the lab! Integrity wins! They'll say keep them (what are they gonna do with em?). But you'll know you did the right thing and then will feel good about whatever decision you make afterwards.
  5. that I've sorted the photos, first glance I thought there was an extra set...there is THREE extra sets. I'll be calling the lab in the morning. Chances are they won't want them back, and I don't think I should have to pay to ship them I may be passing extras on to the bride and being creative with the rest! Either way, I will let them know, this could be a major expense for them if someone is screwing up orders.
  6. Well you can offer a parent album! Buy 1 parent album, give them a discount on the second? I would not GIVE them to the bride.
  7. jfr


    Do you live of your reprint orders? If so I wouldn't send them just because you have them. You could send a few good ones along to give to the parents etc to invoke reprint orders.
  8. Sale them as reprints......that's kinda our job, isn't it?
  9. What lab do you use? If it is a bigger lab then they will not care but a smaller one may have you send them back just because. You can offer buy a parent album(set of proofs in this case) and get one discounted or free but watch as a friend of the bride may see that discount and future weddings may com eback to haunt you by them saying hey you gave Sally a free set with purchase of a set. So if you do offer a discount offer it as the September discount(like a 1 time deal type). Really I think small or large labs will say keep them but I know some smaller labs can be hard to deal with.

    Good luck

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