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  1. Which one is better to leave premaritally on a digital camera lens.
  2. Honestly, I think only use these (L39, A2, 81A) where warming, etc. is needed. With digital photography "warming" is not necessary, and certainly doesn't make sense if you use AWB.

    If you feel you need a protection filter, the best solution is a clear filter of decent quality. I admit I do sometimes use so-called UV filters because I already have them in that diameter.
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    Premaritally? I'd use a condom :)
  4. Ken, your mind is in the "dirt". . .we used "them things" on our rifles in the army, keep dirt & water out of the bore. . .guess it would protect the lens, if it fit?? Aloha, Bill
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  5. Somewhere on the internet there is a young woman putting one on her LEG, just to prove that there is no being too big for them.....:rolleyes:
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  6. Hubble ???
  7. Hubble - shouldn't that be 'Hubba, hubba hubble!"?

    To be serious. The L39 is a near UV cut filter with only single coating, and the A2 is a light amber 'warming' filter. Neither of which I'd recommend to leave permanently on a lens.

    The L37c is Nikon's 'standard' UV/protection (snigger!) filter.
    Just for protection (double snigger) Hoya HMC UV(0) filters offer the best price-performance ratio, IMO.
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  8. I like Hoya filters, but the standard HMC and Pro-1 filters tend to be rather hard to clean. It's worth paying a bit extra for 'easy clean' filters like Hoya's Fusion (aka Evo) range, or their HD filters (which supposedly also feature hardened glass). B+W MRC and MRC-Nano are also excellent, easy to clean, and have brass mounts. Whether a filter should be on the lens all the time is another matter - some photographers prefer to go naked rather than use 'premarital' protection.
  9. I use a mix of Nikon NC's and B+W MRC Nano filters. If I were to start over I'd buy only B+W's because they are easier to clean and in most cases for the lenses I use they are cheaper.
  10. I use Nikon NC filters on all lenses.

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