L-Shaped Grips for Mamiya RB?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by panoramic pei, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Anyone recommend some L-Shaped Grips they use for the Mamiya RB (SD) Camera ?
    I am thinking the latest Mamiya RB L-Hand Grip would be best although perhaps
    some earlier Mamiya or aftermarket brands could suit this camera equally as well.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. The Multi-angle grip is nice, especially since it can be mounted on a ball-head for tripod use. The grip makes repositioning/adjustment fast and precise. Otherwise, there's not a huge difference among them apart from grip design. Never shoot mine handheld.
  3. Last week I shot my first roll with a Mamiya M645 1000S with a 55/2.8, 120 insert, PD-S finder and the Power Winder. The rig
    was heavy as lead. I think it might be even heavier than a Bronica GS-1 with a Speed Grip, prism finder, lens and back. An
    RB with a bracket must be really heavy.
  4. Funny but I don't find my Mamiya 645 Super and its power winder to be especially heavy or awkward. Same goes for the Bronica SQ-B+speed winder. With the big Mamiya, though, it's less the weight than the sheer size of one with a prism finder+lens&hood+back.
  5. Actually I have the RB SD with the 50mm, 6x8 Motorized Back (heavy) & WLF.
    I believe the total weight is around 5.5 LBS, Add a Prism Finder 2, It will be up to 7 LBS, that will not happen...
    Carry the RB around for an hour to warm up, I could then carry a Bronica ETRSi with the Winder, AE III Finder, 2-Metal- 35mm Panoramic W Backs, 30mm PE Fisheye, 40mm PE Lenses for days.
    I managed some handheld shots with the RB, I recovered the camera with Ostrich Skin, great for a more secure grip but still uncomfortable to position the camera due to the combination of size & weight.
    Photo of the camera here:
    As C Watson mentioned "I never shoot Handheld"
    I do have a sturdy Giottos tripod,
    I think it's time to put it to good use, Grips are probably not the answer.

  6. YMMV but I don't use particularly stout tripods with my RB67 Pro S kit. Usually it's a Manfrotto 055 or a light weight Manfrotto 440 carbon fiber with a Manfrotto 488 head. Either makes for a portable rig with the Mamiya stuck on the tripod. The big Mamiya's heft stabilizes things and the revolving back minimizes camera movement that might upset its balance on the tripod. Never any issues with sharpness for not following the truism that a girder-like tripod is necessary to shoot these less than petite cameras. Anything that increases their portability helps me take big cameras places where they usually don't go.
  7. Agreed, C Watson, I just tested the RB on a higher quality lightweight Giottos tripod with a medium quality Ball Head (Korean Model).
    Since I am photographing Panoramic Format Landscapes (75mm x 24mm with the RB) extensive camera movement isn't a priority.
    When I position the tripod by extending the first legs all the way (the lighter legs or second section of the tripod legs are not extended at all) with the Ball Head straight up or with minimal tilt all is balanced perfectly & sturdy. With the Waist Level Finder the RB sits at a perfect height for viewing. The routine is also simple to repeat, no need to mark the tripod. I have a bubble level attachment I can place on the RB Flash Shoe since all the other bubble levels disappear due to the size of the RB.
  8. To add, I modified my Ape Case (Backpack) to accommodate the RB with some small accessories. I was surprised I could take the RB (with all attached) out & place it back in the case via the Sling Door. The Ape Case has a great Tripod holder therefore living with a RB in the field became a little easier.
  9. The power winder for the second series of Mamiya 645 cameras is a lot smaller and lighter than the one for the first series. I
    do not have any separate power winders for my Bronica SQ series cameras but I do have an SQ-AM. Even with its 6 AA
    batteries, a lens, a back and a prism finder it isn't too bad. I'm not quite used to using the plain left hand bracket for the first
    series Mamiya 645 cameras. It might be different for a left-handed person. A loaded up Bronica GS-1 still feels good with the
    Speed Grip but I tend to cradle the camera in my left hand between shots. Another heavyweight is on its way to me. It's a
    Mamiya RB-67 Pro S with a waist level finder and a revolving back adapter. I am waiting for a 120 Pro S back to arrive from
    another seller and the 127/3.8 lens is already here. After I have had the seals checked and used the camera I will look into a
    prism finder.
  10. Good idea to place the Prism Finder on hold, once you start doing weights close to 5 pounds with what you will already have,
    The massive size of the Mamiya RB makes everything feel much heavier.
    The Prism Finder will add a extra 2 pounds for the earlier version, 1 1/2 pounds for the Prism Finder 2......
    you might want to pass on the Prism Finder idea once you receive the complete outfit & settle for the lightest option, the WLF you already own..
  11. multi-angle grip is the best choice.

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