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  1. I just purchased a Pentax 6x7 camera, my first move into medium format. I will need some help finding an L bracket
    for Arca Release type for my Pentax 6x7 camera (not the newer model 67 or 67II). I read that some people bought
    the Kirk L-Bracket BL-67II for their Pentax 67 body and it worked for them despite that Kirk advertized it "for Pentax
    67II ONLY". Anybody used it for the older model 6x7 (again not 67)?
    Thank you for your help.
  2. Hi, yes I used the Kirk bracket for my 6x7 Pentax (MLU) version. I have just sold all my Pentax gear, along with the bracket. Looking at the latest Kirk brackets, the design is different, so i'm not sure if they'll fit the older model. For portrait format shots, I found it to be essential, and very quick to change from landscape format. Stu.
  3. Hi Stuart. Thank you for responding. Do you remember by chance the Kirk model number you had once? Thanks.
  4. Hello, Stuart. I browsed the ADORAMA Web site today and found the Kirk L bracket "Kirk L-Bracket BL-67II " selling for $89.00. Exc condition. Kirk price is $ 159.95. So. I rushed and called Adorama and explained that I have the older model 6x7 and also told him about Kirk saying "for 6x7ii only". He assured me that this bracket will work on the 6x7 model (without removing the handle), as well as on the 67 and of course the 6x7ii models. He seems to know the difference between the three models. He said that I can still get a refund if it doesn't work. He is 100% sure that it will fit the older model. I ordered it right away with a couple of film to test the beast. I forgot to ask about the battery compartment, as it might cover the 6x7 battery compartment, but this, personally won't bother me as I'm not a professional shooting a lot of film. I keep my fingers crossed. I'll let you know. If it works then, great, that might help others out there wishing to shoot also Vertical.
  5. Hello,
    I finally received the Kirk Photo L-bracket BL-67II and it fit very well my Pentax 6x7 body with the wooden handle on. However, you cannot access the battery compatment as it gets covered, nor you can open the back door. You need to take out the barcket. But this is not really a big deal. It takes seconds to remove it and put it back on, if necessary. Hope this will help those that want to shoot also vertical.
    Note: It is designed for Arca Swiss type of Quick Release rail.
  6. I cherish Kader's enthusiasm, but this thread and Kirk Enterprises' product information confused me for a good long while.
    The Kirk L-bracket, part #BL-67II, works fine on my Pentax 6x7. Kader is correct that the bracket covers the battery door, however I find it does not cover the back door lever and I am able to unlatch and open the door to change film with the bracket still on the camera. (If changing film were to require removal of the bracket -- with the additional juggle of an allen key, etc -- then I would have passed.)
    The Pentax cognoscenti will nod that, yes, there are three versions of this venerable camera, the 6x7, the 67 and the 67ii. Karen says so.
    Kirk's L-bracket is excellent. I'm as glad for it as I am for this fantastic camera! But their web page confuses matters thusly ...
    Product appellation: "L-Bracket for 6x7 II"
    Part #: "BL-67II"
    Label on the product: "BL-6x7II"
    Note in product spec: "Fits only the Pentax 6x7 II"
    There is no "Pentax 6x7II" but we gather they mean that the user experience is ideal only with the 67ii. This is because the battery compartment and its cover was smartly moved to the bottom of the wonderful and necessary hand grip, out from under the middle where the bracket must go.
    The L-bracket, indeed, fits the earlier models in the literal sense, but it covers up the battery door. This is a compromise I can live with because the camera is so important to me and because I only change the battery every 6 months or so. Given the low prices and availability of the earlier models -- yes, even the non-Mirror Lock Up version -- it seems hardly a sacrifice.
    Facetiousness aside, Kirk will definitely enjoy a few more sales from lining up its prod-lit with the actual Pentax product designations. I can see a spec note soon reading something like: 'This L-bracket fits all models, but covers the battery door of the 6x7 and 67.'

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