Kyocera pulls plug on Contax

Discussion in 'News' started by scott_gardner|1, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. It's finally official. And sad.

    Here's one of what is sure to be many obituaries:

    I sure hope Leica isn't next.
  2. What's worse is that this is a _total_ photo-market exit - digital as
    well as film.

    As I've written elsewhere, the thing to know about Kyocera is that,
    if they can't keep aloat in a given market by doing things their
    own way, they simply leave that market, rather than cheapen the
    product to sell at a given price point. I regard them as one of the
    few large companies left whose philosophy appears to be more
    product-driven than market-driven (anyone who remembers their
    home audio components from the 80s and 90s will know what I
    mean; they eventually left that market for the same reasons
    they're now leaving the photo market).

    Somehow, I'm not quite as worried about Leica; although there's
    always a chance they'll flame-out as well (like they almost did in
    the 70s), I have a feeling they're going to hang in there, albeit a
    bit smaller (and, I would hope, a bit less frilly - enough of the
    Leica a la Carte stuff, already!). I'm somewhat more worried
    about, say, Hasselblad (Bronica's as good as gone already, and
    I wouldn't put odds on Mamiya living it up in the next two to three
    years). Fuji is Hassy's principal lifeline for now, but with Canon
    stuffing bigger sensors in their top-end EOS model every other
    year, even Nikon's having a time of it keeping up.

    - Barrett
  3. Sad news - and Leica is in big debts too, and the things keep getting worse.

    Hasselblad and Mamiya are allready in the digital age so i feel confident for them - however if pros turn their backs to the medium format alltogether (which isn`t impossible) it may come out another way,...

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