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  1. Taking a walk this morning, I came upon the bag at the base of this rusted post. I thought, Someone left a poop bag on the sidewalk! At least it was in a bag. On my way back, a lady passed me walking her dog. I turned around to see that the bag at the foot of the post was gone! Is this a story that did not require an explaination for someone to understand this polyptych? Kwrap 2.jpg
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  2. Citizen of the year award!
  3. I'm thinking it was her dog to begin with. Notice the similar bags in her right hand.
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    When I lived in a suburban area and walked 2 large dogs I would leave "outbound" bags on top of a large rock and retrieve them "inbound" - made the walk more pleasant, and besides, I needed both hands. I'd bet you are right that it was hers.
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  5. No explanation required for me, though that part is up to you. It’s a better story visually.
  6. I do the same every day, but with smaller parcels from one small Jack Russel. If I could get a shot of those who fling their bags into the adjacent trees, I would post it for the World to see the low-life.
  7. Strictly adhered to around here but then they just throw the bag in the nearest trash can. Is that not proper disposal?
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    Depends on local ordinance. Ex for places with specially designated cans, suspect it is SOP.
  9. Nobody ever talks about the thousands of gallons of P disposed of every day.
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    There's a difference. Pee smells, but doesn't contain much in the way of bacteria etc. Poop can transmit all kinds of diseases and parasites.
  11. As said, many of us with dogs leave temporary deposits that we pick up on the way back.
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