Kowa 6 85mm lens ring removal

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  1. Hi all,
    I've acquired what i believe to be a first series Kowa 6 85mm f2.8 lens in silver. Now obviously being Kowa its not in the best of health. But I did think that the Kowa lenses all had little screws that hold on the front ring. However it appears that the first version doesnt have said screws at all. Has anyone take the front lens ring off this lens without the screws?

    Many thanks
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  2. I have only the 55 & 150 silver lens , both of those require the front element be removed before front lens.
    By that I mean there is a ring with 2 notches ( or grooves ) for the spanner that unscrews the front lens element .
    After that you will notice that another group will need removal to go any further . What is it that makes you
    want to go into the lens ? The shutter mechanism is a bit of a challenge :) . That's an understatement
    if you don't have any experience with these type of shutters . Peter
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  3. Thank you Peter,I found out that the front ring came off with force on a thread rather than screws. Yes I got down to the front element but stopped there today, as I didn't have the time to be careful.

    The issue is a problem with the aperture blades, so I was going in to have a look, but there's also a metallic rattle inside the barrel I was hoping to find and remove it.
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  4. There is usually a glued on tab further inside that frequently comes loose , I've found no problem in removing it completely .
    Getting into the aperture blades is not for the weak of determination . I'll see if I have a pic or two to give you some idea of
    what you'll see . Peter
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  5. Thank you Peter.
    The aperture blades jam the firing mechanism when stopped down. Clearing the jam is only done by pulling the depth of field preview lever which closes the aperture and allows the shutter to fire. Occasionally there's a gap left in the aperture blades when closed however it doesn't always seem to happen strangely.
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  6. This is an idea of how far you have to go to just get at the mechanism ( on the lower right hand side of the above pic) .
    The real challenge is getting at the blades inside this assembly . Approach with caution :) . Peter
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  7. Thanks. That's why I didn't go any further today. I'm waiting on a response from a repairer to see if it's worth paying for. If it's not worth paying for then I'll take it all apart myself.
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