Kowa 6 / 66 stuck or jammed or hung - winder busted, etc - SOLUTION INSIDE!

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by cenelsonfoto, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. A possibility , but you may have to bend it yourself ( not that hard if you find the wire gauge you need). It might be
    worth contacting "Ross Yerkes" in California , he may have or offer a repair for that part . Peter
    Or do you know a welder that works with small stuff .
  2. There are screwdriver marks on the two screws holding the pawl adjustment plate. Have you tried adjusting the position of that plate?
  3. ^ Great observation "Joe" :) . Is that plate you mention with the 2 screws actually adjustable ? My experiences with
    the 2 damaged ones I got had such mangled teeth that an adjustment wasn't even considered , nice to learn
    something new every day . So do you believe there's a possibility he could adjust that plate for a better engagement
    of the pawl tooth ? Peter
  4. It's been a while since I bothered to fruitlessly poke about inside a Kowa 6/66, but that plate rings some sort of bell. Plus there are repairer's scratch marks at one end of it, so I guess there's some movement in it when those screws are loosened.
    Maybe. What is there to lose?
  5. Thanks for the ideas joe and peter. I had wondered what exactly the purpose of the plate was, I'll see if I can adjust that to achieve any success.

    I think I'll try replacing the spring for the pawl with something a little stronger to stop it from slipping so easily. The spring in place looks a bit mangled. I'm not sure if applying some extra lubrication on some of mechanisms might help too. I'll report back on progress (if any...).
  6. Good luck! But I'd thoroughly check any lens(es) that came with the camera before spending a load of time on the body.

    Those Seiko/Kowa leaf shutters are a pile of donkey poo as well.

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