Konica single-use camera

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  1. Hello, just want to share opinion that Konica ISO800 single-use camera w/
    flash seems to be good for reuse. Kodak/Fuji (never have opened) users report
    that there's high risk of electro schock, different design of canister
    sprocket for SUC film. In case of this Konica camera it can be opened not
    breaking case (and can be closed again), battery is enclosed in it's
    compartment, wiring is "under hood". Even winding sprocket is compatible with
    at least Konica film canisters.
    Only reason I didn't reload it with ISO1600 fim (to be overexposed) is that
    frame meter is designed for 27 exposures while roll I have is 36 exposures, so
    I'm not sure about cutting film or hacking meter.
  2. Just put a roll in it and shoot untill it stops winding no problem.....

  3. I haven't seen photos from this camera. Is there something unique about them that makes people want to reuse them?
  4. Jeffrey, what's unique I already wrote (sure, compared to other single use cameras). As reason to why reuse it at all answer is very simple - it's just for fun. If you are looking for technical quality, I don't recommend it.
  5. Andrejs, are you saying you wrote about this camera before? I've only seen this one thread here, but I haven't seen the quality of photo you get from the camera. I'm interested in seeing this. Is it like Holga or Lomo?

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