Konica S2, Amtrak and the Beach

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  1. Having picked up a pristine Konica S2 at a local group shop for the total sum of $10.00, I had to see why this camera has such a loyal following.
    Amtrak is expanding its service a few miles north in Maine. By 2012 you will be able to board a train in Boston and continue past its' current terminus in Portland to the shopping Mecca of Freeport, home of L.L. Bean's. Construction is well underway, here are a few shots of some of the crew at work.
    Finished the roll on the beach in front of my house.
    Film was Ilford FP-4, developed in Sprint and scanned on an Epson V500.
  2. Trimming the brush prior to the track crew's arrival
  3. Another
  4. The new rail being installed is spring steel and comes in 1600' lengths ! There is a rig which flips this stuff around like spaghetti but the foreman wouldn't let me get close enough.
  5. Some stony beach shots
  6. Very nice. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Auto S2, my first 35mm camera. The designers seemed to think of everything and the makers did a great job. A camera that is hard to find fault with, especially in the hands of a talented photog like you.
  7. Classic Maine lobsterboat, close in to shore. When the tide goes out, it will be on its side and will have its bottom pressurewashed. They don't scrape barnacles anymore, a blast of fresh water knocks them off.
  8. Last one
  9. Had to resize
  10. I am really impressed with this camera. The meter even works but needs a little fudging due to the non-mercury batteries.
    BTW- there will be more RR shots when I get the color film back from processing, shot with Pentax MX and ME with Takumar 28-80 zoom.
  11. An excellent series of railway and shore shots, Roger and nice tonality from your film and soup combo. The detail you've captured with the Koni is fantastic! Got to be one of the best lenses ever.
  12. Not only nice results but a nice documentary series as well.
    (the camera?)
  13. Did you mean Auto S2?
  14. Yes, Auto S2. Here's a pic from wifey's digiwidget.
  15. Yes, Auto S2. Here's a pic from wifey's digiwidget.
  16. Nice shots! I had an Auto S2 for a while, and it was a pretty nice RF camera. I lived in Maine for two summers 1975 and 76. Hitchhiked up and down US-1 and worked in Freeport and near Damariscotta (?) Lake. My only camera at the time was an Exa 1a, which did very well with Kodachrome. To be 19 again..well, not today.
  17. Konica Auto S2, This was my first 35mm camera in the early 70's. I have many a shots with the same clarity that your photos show. I have sold all of my 35mm film cameras but couldn't part with the Konica. I still have it and the original box on my shelf. thanks for bring this up and sharing your pics........ RD
  18. Great camera, great lens, and pics that do it justice. It all looks to be an interesting project to keep your photographic eye on, Roger. You've certainly achieved good tones with your film and processing.
  19. The Konica Auto S2 was also my first 35mm camera. Glad to see you getting such good results. Thanks for posting.

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