Konica Pearl IV

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  1. Does anyone know of one of these delightful old folders for sale? I have a Pearl II, and really enjoy it, but I have always wanted to find a Pearl IV. Thanks, John Desmond
  2. Waw. It looks pretty good... almost like the precedent of the Fuji GS645 Professional :) How old is it?
  3. john

    here in Jpn you sometimes see them in the stores, they go for around Y120,000 to Y150,00 or $1100 to $1300USD, very highly regarded, I also have a Pearl II which are great cameras, good luck in yr quest!

  4. I had a Pearl II and traded up to a Pearl III(no red window and standard PC socket)LOVE IT.If you can't find a IV go for a III you won't be sorry
  5. Are the lenses on the Pearl series front cell focussing or unit focussing? I have a vague recollection that it is the latter. Is the rangefinder coupled or not?
  6. The lens is unit focusing 75mm 3.5 Hexar four element (some say the III and IV are five element)fully rangefinder coupled,in the III and IV film advance by counter no red window.I also have a Super Ikonta A with coated Ziess Opton Tessar 75mm 3.5 lens,and the Pearl toatly outperforms the Super Ikonta A in both picture quality and ease of use.
  7. Actually I have a Pearl-III MX I am going to offer, anyone interested can e-mail me offlist - Back in the 50's when these little wonder was current, the Konica Pearl lineup was the top of the line not only of Konica's but of all 120 format folder in Japan, and this is also testified by the fact that the Japanese Alpine Mountineering expedition team actually choose the Pearl as their camera.

    To my knowledge ( if my memory serve me right ) the lens of the III and IV are the same and both are 4 elememt type, but I have to go back to some old lirterature before I can be sure. In any case, they are very usable and very capable camera indeed.

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