Konica Minolta quits camera business

Discussion in 'News' started by brian, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Already posted on the Minolta forum, a press release from KM gives details and a timetable for withdrawal.
  2. Grab the scanner while you still can?
  3. Now Sony will accelerate development of their new digital SLR cameras based on and compatible with the Maxxum/Dynax lens mount system, that's the good news.
  4. From April 1 2006, Konica Minolta PI will consign the customer service operations for Konica Minolta cameras and related products* to Sony, and Sony will implement service operations from that date onward.
  5. Time for K-M owners to start stocking up on Sony memory sticks...

    I wonder who will develop lenses for them?

    On a not totally unrelated note, anyone notice that Samsung have just released their first DSLR - which is a Pentax *ist DS2 with a Samsung logo on it.

    If K-M goes, can Pentax be far behind?
  6. I'm looking at Pentax, Olympus, and Nikon...more or less in that order.
    Olympus says its concentrating on "high-end digital SLRs", and de-emphasizing compact digicams. given their present competition in that arena (Canon and Nikon), I'd say they just cut their corporate life-expectancy (at least regarding photography) from five years to about two...max.
    Nikon still doesn't have an SLR with a full-frame sensor. Canon now has two. Nikon seems to be saying "it doesn't matter". How many 5D sales will it take to say it does? With this attitude, I'll give them two more years than Olympus.
    Pentax? any time now...
    This, of course, leaves Canon. Until, that is, camera-phones break the 5mp barrier, and more people simply pull frame-grabs from their HD camcorders...
    But what do I know? I largely shoot film.
    - Barrett
  7. Maybe a LG camera is on the horizion. Life is Good.
  8. LG is a good guess. Digicams are consumer electronics products, and the big players in the future will be Sony, Panasonic and Samsung. LG can get some of the cake as well if they want.
  9. I wonder what Canon will do.

    LG? No, not really.
  10. gib


    Sony exec says a little more about KM and DSLR

  11. that Sony link is good news. even though Sony is mostly looked at as a mass market manufacturer, they have in the past.......apparently when they put their minds to it......come up with some very high quality products that rivalled top end gear. Stereophile has praised quite a few of their audio products over the years...and considering Stereophile's list of manufacturers they review, that's saying something.

    If Sony goes for that higher end market with the DSLR technology and lens base that KM offers, this could be extremely good news.

    Looking forward to the Sony KM-7D....heh
  12. LG makes CD CDRW DVD readers, washing machines, alot of freon compressors, cellphone cameras, and has its toes in optics, mechanics, electronics, computers, electric motors, etc.
  13. LG is already making digital cameras; a la camera phones.
  14. Motorola has camera cellphones too
  15. I hate the big biz corp. world, you all know that Minolta could compete with Canon and Nikon if they wanted. They just want to line their pockets with out doing any work to earn it. But I still love their top end cameras. (maxxum 9,800si,and even the 7d). It just pisses me off that they would jump ship and closes up their film & digital camera depts like that. It figures.
  16. ...could compete with Canon and Nikon if they wanted... yes, and this is a good reminder that business, even big business, is run by people, and the people at the top steer a company in the direction they wish to take. And for this reason it's unwise to form emotional attachments to particular camera brands.

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