Konica Minolta Distribution

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by colin_elliott, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Now that Konica/Minolta have pulled out from Canada, who, if anyone,
    is distributing their products. Do we have to buy via the USA?
  2. They have not pulled out from Canada completely. Read the full message here.
  3. They currently don't have a distributer for the 5D in Canada, 7D's are still around as are non digital products. A U.S. or international warranty for the 5D will be honoured by the Canada based repair company. I recently purchased a 5D via the U.S. and got a good price.

  4. Interesting that they are considering selling directly via the Internet
  5. There's no ambiguity in the announcement you posted, Michael. KM Photo is toast in Canada. Stock in Toronto-area stores will not be replenished because no more photo inventory will be carried thru their Mississauga warehouse. The third party repair facilities will supposedly handle US-sourced products--for exactly how long remains unclear. Sadly, I'd advise Colin to shop for another brand if he's in Canada.

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