Konica Minolta dimage dual iii

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  1. So I just got this scanner passed down to me and I was wondering what I should do? I know that using this thing for vista or Windows 7
    can be a hassle so should I get a xp desktop ideally? Also is vuescan worth getting and what exactly does it do?
  2. Windows xp system would be most convinient with this scanner if original software CDs are available. I remember this thing to be rather slow at full resolution. I have never tried Vuescan, but heard good things of it.
  3. Hassle each way you are looking.
    I haven't used mine after giving up XP in the main machine. But lets be realistic; it comes with a sluggish USB cable (is it already 2.0?) and takes ages to do its job - 15min for insane quality with dust removal. Your only demand towards the hooked PC is close to correct color display during pre-scans to adjust those properly. - If you are non-American you might be semi concerned about power consumption but it hardly matters a lot.
    Any old XP laptop should be able to run the scanner and shovel data on your NAS so you can crunch the numbers on your capable machine later, but you'll need a decent screen for it. Before I'd try to sweep a dedicated XP machine together from leftovers, I'd ponder emulating XP - isn't there a compatibility mode? - on a regular one, Just for ergonomics' sake. Cables & switch to run different machines on one set of screen(s) keyboard and mouse tend to cost a pretty penny and you might fancy getting an L shaped desk to operate 2 workplaces conveniently.
  4. I use its baby brother the Minolta 5400 on windows 10 without any hassle. It runs well and is fast when not using the dust removal. You just need to use a suitable .inf file made for Vista - for me the same file worked on Win8 and now Win10. Follow instructions at link below which also contains entries for "Minolta Scan Dual III" and other scanners
    You will also need to deal with Windows objecting to it being an unsigned driver, see link below and you can reset the option after you finished installation.
    Enjoy - these are still very useable scanners even on Win10
  5. ^ Good to know, thanks.
  6. Mine is working just fine on Windows 10, but I have Vuescan too. I think Vuescan has (or had) a general .inf file that enabled a bunch of scanners to work that wouldn't otherwise.
  7. I have two, DS Dual IV and Dimage 5400. Because of the scanners I run vintage OS X 10.4.11 on PPC Mac and they work flawlessly (knock on wood!).
    Had very bad experience with third party software. Silverfast managed to crash my PC on opening; Vuescan couldn't control the scanner on start up. For this reason I am using the KM software which give me excellent results
  8. I've been using a Scan Elite II under Windows 7, 8 and 10 (all x64) for years. Works fine under USB. Mine has USB 1.1, and that's slow. I've been using FireWire / IEEE 1394 instead, since the Elite II supports it and it's about twice as fast. The only time Vuescan has given me trouble is with negative scans that have little besides blue sky in them. Getting the color right can be a bear. And Cosmic C is correct - once you've got it set up with Vuescan, there's a good chance you can also use the original KM application.

    The Dual III and IV both supported USB 2.0 - the speed should be reasonably good.
  9. I am using that scanner very successfully with Windows 7 64 bit and Vuescan. I've always had great results with Vuescan on all my scanners for years. Great program.

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