Konica Minolta 9D Pro Rumor again

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by patrick_ip, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Please check the 9D rumor I posted early. On that post, 2 upcoming
    cameras were mentioned, first is the KM Maxxum 9D Pro, second is
    Canon's EOS 350 Rebel XT. Currently the Canon model is confirmed by
    http://www.dpreview.com . UPC database did get the correct barcode
    for it. So I wonder if the 9D is anything believable or it truely
    was a joke. Comments?
  2. The big question is if Minolta actually has enough of a market to support a Maxxum 9D Pro. I don't think there are many pros left who are still using Minolta. It seems that Minolta's resources would be better spent courting lower-end DSLR users into their system.
  3. It seems that Minolta's resources would be better spent courting lower-end DSLR users into their system.
    Resources would probably be better spent on a digital rangefinder, a Konica-Minolta Hexar RFD. Epson sells a short rangefinder base model RD-1 for $3000 based on a $500 film camera and have no competition in that niche of the market... With anti-shake and long rangefinder base (like the Hexar RF has), it would bury the Epson/Cosina RD-1.
  4. Hakan: Amen! I too love the idea of a digital rangefinder, but find Epson's no-competition
    pricing absolutely nuts.
  5. Well, if you think the R-D1 is expensive, wait until Leica comes out with their digital M. I
    would bet it'll be at least $10,000.
  6. KM 9D wish list:
    1. 1600 Mega Pixels Full Frame CCD; 2. Real time preview on LCD;
    3. 2.5" or bigger LCD at 900K Pixels; 4. Killer Video at 1024*768 15fps, 800*600 30 fps, 640*480 60fps; 5. Ultrasonic dust cleaner;
    6. CX Process IV with stronger Antishake

    All are technically possible, and since Canon need to protect its DV products, the HDTV level video of 9D will be the killer application.
  7. I have the Maxxum 7 and I want to buy a DSLR too, but I want minolta again for lens fitting purposes. I want to buy a professional camera this time. I wish there will be a 9D for the ones like me.
  8. It'll happen. Everyone thought that the Nikon D200 was a rumor when it first hit the net. Now it's here. Minolta wouldn't have become buddies with Sony if they weren't gonna have a crack at the pro market. Sony will also release a DSLR or 2 next year with Minolta mounts. Minolta will certainly release the 9D, but until then I'm more than happy with my 7D and the excellent lenses available from Minolta. Like I heard from someone else. Keep the Minolta gear to the Minolta users and be a bit hush about it or the prices for Minolta gear may increase especially on the used market. By March or April next year I believe the 9D and a Sony DSLR will be in the market.

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