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  1. I have a Konica I rangefinder from early 1950s. Anyone know how its collapsable 50mm lens compares to vintage Elmars? The camera is elegant in its simplicity.
  2. A coated Hexar will easily outperform any uncoated Leica lens, and
    match the equivilant Leica lens. Konica used to advertise "The lens
    alone is worth the price." True, but unfortunately it put Konica
    products on the high side of pricing for similar Japanese eqipment,
    and see where they are now.
  3. Yes, producing the camera Leica should have.
  4. I always wonder at statements such as 'producing the camera
    Leica should have'. I work at Western Canada's largest photo
    retailer - since we got our full Hexar line over a year ago it tallies
    up as such: M6 (all types) 8 bodies plus numerous lenses - -
    Hexar 0 (did I say 0). Even heavily discounted we can't get rid of
    them. Maybe it's regional, but the Hexar 'ain't' no Leica.
  5. HOW discounted?
  6. Spearhead

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    What do retail numbers have to do with it? By those standards, Leica
    SLRs are a miserable failure compared to Canon, Nikon, etc. Maybe
    Leica should resell Nikon? Is that really what you want to say?
  7. Jeff, firstly, going by much of what was said in the recent Leica
    Chat on the Leica Homepage, many Leica owners do feel Leica
    is falling behind such cameras as the F5 and Eos 1n Hv. As for
    the Hexar v.s. Leica debate, in my mind it's as simple as this--if
    you want an Hexar, buy a Hexar. Why would Leica go to the
    expense of producing a camera that is already out there. Many
    Leica users appreicate the mechanical wind and rewind. No
    batteries to buy, and I do hope that when the next great battery
    invention occurs that CR2's, 123A and CR5's don't become any
    harder to find than they are now. Yes the Hexar is a good
    camera, but to say it is what the Leica should be because it has
    a few features you like is immaterial. And by the way - M6 sales
    were up substantially world-wide last year, where-as most
    Konica sales agents (and I deal with them regularily) do not
    consider the Hexar RF to be nearly as successful as the original
    fixed lens version.

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