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  1. Hi, I've been lurking around this forum taking it in, not quite sure my cameras fit, but now I think I have one that does! I went to a car boot at the weekend and scored this Konica Eye plus an Oly tip for £10... Will get a roll through it over the next few days and post a couple of shots.
    I have no idea if it works fully and didn't know it was half frame, I just liked the look. I suspect that the aperture is slow but like a number of aspects of the design with it's fast lens and I'm liking the original strap. One nice thing is that as well as the shutter speed the viewfinder has a marker for the focus distance, reflecting the one on the lens.
  2. I wsa a half frame enthusiast for several years (Olympus Pen D) but when Kodak stopped mounting Kodachrme slides and returned film strips only it was all over. I still miss the portability and thw incredibly smooth shutter release. Looking forward to seeing your results.
  3. I thought the Olympus Pen was an interesting camera but didn't think the trouble of printing the pictures and mounting the
    slides myself was worth the slightly smaller weight. In short, you didn't get much size/weight improvement over the
    smallest full frame cameras but you got a lot of extra effort and a 1/2 size negative.
  4. I've heard of the Konica Eye, but haven't seen a photo of one until now. I look forward to seeing results.
  5. Pretty little camera, Barry. It will be interesting to see if the programmed exposure system actually works, and to see what the Hexanon lens delivers. Of the three Konica EE cameras I have from this era, only one still has a working selenium-powered system. Do you get the red flag popping up to tell you that the light's too low? It's a test of the functionality...
  6. I used to see these on the auction site misnamed as Konica CYC. To Rick, I note that the selenium cell on my Olympus EE-S is still going strong. Sure doesn't have the viewfinder features of the Konica, though.
  7. What a great looking little camera Barry, I've never seen one before, and I love the eye graphic. I didn't know that Konica made a half frame, apart from the original Autoreflex that could be switched.
    Get some film and show us what it can do.
  8. Nice looking camera. Love to see some pics.
  9. It has a Hexanon lens, so I'm sure that it's sharp and contrasty. Here's what I saw on flickr. If you don't need large enlargements, and don't mind scanning/enlarging yourself, this makes total sense. 72 shots on a roll of 36 exposure film, and you figure the rebadged Tri-X that Freestyle is selling for less than 3 bucks for 36 exposure rolls, how could you go wrong?
  10. Congratulations on the great find at such a good price! I have a Wards Eye, which is almost identical made by Konica, just with the bonus of an accessory shoe. (that kind of spoils the original clean look but it makes sense, considering the slowest shutter speed is only 1/30, unless in bulb mode)
    As you have mentioned, the design aspects, the informative VF, the fast Hexanon lens, all make it a very attractive little camera. Obviously Konica has put a lot into their first half-frame compact.
    Konica went on developing it into Eye 2 and Eye 3. However, it's a pity that they gave up the curious typographic "EYE" design which gives the original model such a character.
    Wards Eye, with Konica Hexanon 30mm f/1.9 lens

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