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  1. Hi all -
    Not sure if this is the best locale for this question. Recently picked up a one of these little cameras on ebay cheap, and the first roll of HP5 shows the thing has real potential, but as I will try to post below - there is a problem...occasionally (and that's what confuses me) there is a bright strip to the left, as though from fogging - but it does not always happen - and might even occur elsewhere (left to right).
    Can someone explain this?
  2. Looks like a light leak. if its on the left, that means its the right side of your camera, as held to shoot. It's not always there because these streaks from a slight leak usually take some time to appear. The more time you have the camera idle in between shots and the film sitting in one place, the more you'll see it.
    Change the light seals and I'll bet the problem will be gone.
  3. Thanks George - looks like I have to study up on replacing light seals...
  4. Jon Goodman's Light Seal Replacement Instructions
    And then click "Konica C35".
    Jon sells his kits for $6 or so on ebay as "interslice". It's enough to do a half-dozen cameras. These kits are the best, period. And Jon's a really great guy as well.
  5. I used Goodman's kit on my C35. It has been perfect since.
  6. Thanks guys - I'm on it.
  7. OK guys - so I fixed it. And have had some nice pics from it since then. But the story continues.
    Actually the story begins with a clone of the C35 I have - the mamiya 135. This is not very well known, but I think mamybe superior to its C35 brother. It feels better built, solid, and the lens gives up little if anything to the Konica, although it is slightly larger. Anyway. I picked the Mamiya up yesterday and the meter was dead. I checked the battery compartment (1.4 V zinc-air, size 675) and sure enough there had been a leak. I did the whole vinigar thing, waited, sandpaper to clear the contact, waited, new battery and...nothing.
    For some bizarre reason I then picked up the C35 and also no meter. No battery leak though. I put new batteries in both. Nothing. I went out and bought a new pack of batteries. Nothing. So here are my questions:
    (1) Is there something about this battery type I should know?
    (2) Is there any useful info out there on opening these babies up to check for corroded wires?
    (3) Did the Konica die in sympathy for the Mamiya?

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