Konica c35 V battery compartment wiring repair

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by travisdavies, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Hey guys I purchased this camera recently and it seemed to be in great condition. I bought some batteries for it and chucked them in but got nothing from the light meter.

    Upon opening the bottom of the camera and removing the battery compartment I noticed these two wires were not connected.

    The black wire seemed pretty corroded and damaged so I think I'll have to replace the entire wire ( anyone have a guide for this ?)

    I also have no idea where the wires connect too. I assume to red is attached to the little tab to the left of the photo but no idea about the black.

    I'm not very skilled with electronics but would love to get this little camera fixed up on my own and have ordered a few tools.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated

  2. I've no knowledge of this particular camera but the chances are the red wire should go to the positive side of the battery (the outer casing if it's a button battery) and the black to the negative.

    When trying to reconnect these it's best not to try to solder the wires directly back on to the holder. Instead find two pieces of very thin wire, solder those to the terminals on the holder, then join the old and new wires together, covering the joins with small flaps of tape.

    If the black wire is corroded you may be able to strip it back to a point where it will take solder, after scraping off surface corrosion.
  3. If you want to check out the lens and aperture settings you can set the camera for flash and manually select lens openings from f 2.8 to minimum. Shutter will be at 1/25 second.
  4. DSCN6314.jpg

    Most likely even seemingly corroded black wire is ok to solder few millimeters under plastic cover
  5. Thanks for the visual ! It seems my battery compartment is slightly different but similar enough.

    Unfortunately the black wire was extremely brittle and now damaged too deep to save.

    So I guess my next step is tearing down the body and replacing that wire.

    A slightly thicker wire salvaged from a charging cable would work fine as a replacement wouldn't it ?
  6. Any wire that makes good contact will do, current drainage is very low. .

    I would try my best to find out where the black wire is not corroded, cut out the corroded section and solder from there on a good wire to reach the battery assembly, instead of opening the body. .

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