Konica C35 dead meter?

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  1. Actually the story begins with a clone of the C35 I have - the Mamiya 135. This is not very well known, but I think maybe superior to its C35 brother (gasp, horror). It feels better built, solid, and the lens gives up little if anything to the Konica, although the body is slightly larger. Anyway. I picked the Mamiya up yesterday and the meter was dead. I checked the battery compartment (1.4 V zinc-air, size 675) and sure enough there had been a leak. I did the whole vinegar thing, waited, sandpaper to clear the contact, waited, new battery and...nothing.
    For some bizarre reason I then picked up the C35 and also no meter. No battery leak though. I put new batteries in both. Nothing. I went out and bought a new pack of batteries. Nothing. So here are my questions:
    (1) Is there something about this battery type I should know?
    (2) Is there any useful info out there on opening these babies up to check for corroded wires?
    (3) Did the Konica die in sympathy for the Mamiya?
  2. 1- Nope, it takes a regular old air cell type battery
    2- You bet. Google Matt Denton. He's The Man on these.
    3- The Konica's meter probably died because it just got old. Just like the Mamiya. When you buy one of these cameras that's the first question to ask. Does the meter work? And if the Mamiya lens is as good as the Konica Hexanon then it's a great lens. Keep trying. The Konica C 35 is worth going through a few duds to get a good one.
  3. Is the C35 usable without a meter? I have one from a family member, and am not sure if the shutter/aperture can be used manually. I think the meter stopped woring long ago.
  4. Not #3, but if you carefully take off the bottom plate of the C35 and maybe the 135 you can quickly see if the wires have corroded and lost contact. This sounds like a simple repair, but some of these had stainless wires. I had to use liquid solder to fix a friends. I agree about the C35 being cheaply built but it is an easy to use camera that has a great lens: C-35, Tmax200, Rodinal:
  5. Thanks guys - confirmed my thinking. I've got some fixin' to do.

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