Konica C35 automatic

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  1. The Konica C35 automatic from 1971-74.
    I love these small form factor, light weight pocketable cameras. Yes, with this camera you lose some flexibility, being fully automatic but, it can give great results from that lovely Hexanon 38mm f2.8 lens.
    Here's a little review and a few sample images from expired FP4+(2004)

  2. Thanks.

    Long ago and far away, my quest for early auto-focus cameras let me to the Konica C35 AF

    Konica C35 AF 1977 -- The "Fool Shoot Camera"

    If anyone is interested in a little report on what was the first commercially available AF
  3. And this C35 for those who wanted to spend less but could do without a rangefinder and automatic (by guide no.) flash exposure as well as self-timer.
    Same lens and program exposure, but when set to flash the shutter was at 1/25 second and one could manually select apertures. Sort of a limited range of manual settings.
  4. Big issue is the battery, if it wasn't for this i would have owned one it already.
  5. I use a 675 zinc air cell by Wein. Delivers the necessary 1.35 volts. A cheaper alternative is the zinc air hearing aid battery which is rated at 1.4 volts. I've used those with good results as well. Shop carefully, though. Some of them are rated at 1.45 volts which might be too high.

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