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  1. I'm interested in using Kodalith film. Anyone knows where I can get more info
    on this?
  2. I think, repeat THINK Kodalith films have been discontinued in most if not all sizes, but some suppliers may still have stocks on hand. Go to Google.com, key in Kodalith Film and look around. There may be some substitute emulsions.
  3. i also 'think' (pretty much certain) that kodak have discontinued this film. I got my hands on 3 boxes of 4x5 in the last few years that i have stored. Everywhere I enquire about it tells me its not available. Depends where you are situated too I guess.
  4. kodalith is very slow; like asa 6. It is an ortho film; not sensitive to red. Its effective asa is different for tungsten; daylight; and pulsed-Xenon. It lasts many decades if kep frozen. Its super slow asa means it is not phased much by cosmic rays. Here my 35mm 150ft roll of Kodalith is from 1976; has been kept frozen; and is used at odd times bulk loaded. It still has a very clear base; almost no fog. Tri-X in 620 from that era frozen has decent base fog; cosmic rays dot their deeds. TRY Freestyle film company in Los Angeles; they handle surplus films. Try other companies too. There is also the Fujilith brand of "Lith" film; Fuji's old discontinued? version of Kodalith. Even 10 year old room temp stored Kodalith/Fujilith can be useable.
  5. An alternative to Kodalith is to use a high contrast film with a high contrast developer like D19 or D11 etc. Or even try it with Kodalith developer.

    Almost any high contrast developer will give a 'lith like' effect with the right film. Not exactly though, I said 'like'.

    Ron Mowrey
  6. Here we still have about 4 box/cubes of Kodagraph Developer; for graphic arts and lith films. Each cube box has 4 jugs; about a gallon each. We usually mix the raw Kodagraph 1 to 7 in dilution; for Lith films. Even being abit new old stock; it still has not gone bad yet. I dont think Kodak makes Kodagraph anymore. <BR><BR>Bigger sheets can be cut down to size; under red safelight. Here I bought a brand new small cutter; wheich gets covered when not used. An old dirty cutter will cause dust spots on the lith films; if one is sloppy..
  7. I second Kelly on that suggestion of Freestyle. I have been buying their APH and APHS for well over twenty years. I think it is a decent substitute for Kodalith and is about 1/3 the cost. Freestyle does have a web site, the last time I went on it was poorly laid out. If you wanted a box of RC VC paper you had go through 30 pages to find the paper that you wanted, no selective search. How will you use this Graphic Arts Film?
  8. I've got a couple of 100' 35mm rolls of koalith at ebay auction if you're interested.
    two rolls are listed to end in about two days, but after those auctions close, I've got two more I'll list. I also have a couple of packages of Kodalith Super RT developer available.

    link to ebay auction:

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