Kodak will be making pharmaceuticals?

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  1. Might be slightly off topic.

    Kodak lands loan to bolster U.S.-produced drug supply

    I could see how this might turn into a nasty political discussion but I hope it doesn't. I think it's a good way to help keep at least one film company afloat and solve another problem.

    Hopefully it doesn't mean shutting down some film production.
  2. Take a look sometime at Fujifilm’s product mix.
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  3. Shopping for a backup drive yesterday and I see there is a Kodak SSD drive.
  4. Kodak-as Eastman Chemicals-is no stranger to providing bulk laboratory reagents and things of that sort, including some more specialized stuff.

    Looking around our stockroom at work shows plenty of yellow and white "Eastman Chemical" labels.
  5. I think they sell a re-brand a whole lot of products they don't produce themselves. But in this case it sounds like they will be the manufacturers.
  6. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    A developing situation.
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  7. Nice pun Sandy.....maybe it will be the "fix" for the problem ??
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  8. Makes sense. I wouldn't touch most drugs but hey, if others are making them, why can't Kodak? I can see Kodak branching out even more. Maybe making optics?
  9. Almost coming full circle?

    Some of the early photographic manufacturers grew out of pharmacy/pharmaceutical companies.

    Konica springs to mind, though I don't think they were the only one.
  10. In other news, Pfizer will be manufacturing a new extra long lens. :)
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  11. Good for Kodak is that you don't need to provide suppor for pharmaceuticals t beyond the shelf life of the product - typically 18 months. That's only slightly less than the support they gave for my Kodak dye-sub printer. They dissolved the entire division, and now I can't even get media.
  12. It’s a Vertical Shift Lens.......
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  13. Moving on, I got that one. I once had some Pfizer stock (pfe). I thought "Viagra! it will never go down". I was wrong.
  14. I heard if it stays extra long for more than four hours, it’s important to call your photo lab right away.
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  15. Lots of them hitting the market soon.

    Could be some
    <wait for it>

    stiff competition.
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  16. Usually worth the wait. :)
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  17. Saw a Kodak advert where someone (their CEO? not sure) was talking about how well Kodak is doing and is even re-introducing new films (or bringing some back maybe). That is great if true. Except if it is, you'd think it would be easier to find places to process film. Maybe I'm old enough to be spoiled by being able to take it (in previous years) just to the nearest drug store. More power to Kodak I guess.

    If Kodak and/or Fuji go under, it will probably take film with it. Though you never know, there's still Illford and probably some chinese manufacturers.
  18. AJG


    I think you have hit on an important point--most people won't want to develop their own film, especially color. I've developed my own B&W for decades, but have never had any interest in processing color film. When I shot it professionally i used pro level labs which are mostly gone now, and the cheap local alternatives for 35 mm color neg are totally gone for me. While I still shoot B&W I haven't shot color in years precisely because of the lack of processing options that don't involve shipping to/from the lab.
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  19. Yes, that is right for me too. Some of my chemicals are old at this point due to how little I shoot even black and white, but I know I can do that and get results pretty quickly. Color though -- well I still have a fair amount of Velvia 50 in my freezer but if I shoot it, I'll have to come up with a place to send it, it will cost a lot, and it will take weeks probably to get the results back. Really hard to make myself do that.

    Not sure what the solution is for this really. You can't make this a viable use case.
  20. Hey guys, you might be surprised to know there's a film revolution happening. There's a huge pile of labs, practically one on every corner. All over the U.S. & Canada, all over Europe. They'll process E6, C-41, ECN2, some labs will even process outdated film that uses outdated processes.

    Getting a real live silver gelatin lab print made is another issue but there are labs who will do that for you. Carbon printing, any kind of ink jet print, lab prints, Platinum & Palladium printing, alternative processes, the sky (or your budget, whichever comes first) is the limit. Finding a true master printer is another thing and again- if the budget allows it, then so be it, That person is out there for you.

    Meanwhile in the realm of film (ie movies), the use. of film is also alive and well. Some people never did stop making movies with film, and some folks have "brought it back". Think Quentin Tarantino's Hateful 8, or Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, to cite but 2 examples where the directors went FAR beyond what might be considered "normal", even for film.

    I thought I'd read somewhere that movies using film was one of the primary reasons Kodak even still exists at all- but I may be misremembering. Then again, it's the internet, so um...you know.
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