Kodak Vision 3 converted to 35mm stills?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by nick_ventura, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I was wondering does anyone know if there is somewhere I can buy motion picture film that's converted to take stills? I really
    like the colors of Kodak's vision 3 50D / 7203 and would love to shoot stills with it. Thanks!
  2. Do you mean this?

  3. Or this?

  4. I am thinking that Diego hit the nail on the head. Cinestill
  5. Visit the Film Photography Project site.
  6. interesting
    another pnetter has a lot of this film.
    and comments " that he can deal with ther rem-jet backing.
    I think the specified devceloper is something otyher than regular c-41.
    but he seem,s to manage.
    there was a poster a few years agothat processed c-41 filmin flexcolor ( color pAPWER) CHEMICALS.
  7. I did some 5247 in regular C-41 some years ago, and it worked fine. In the rinse, just rub off the softened rem-jet. (My not-yet wife bought it from Seattle Film Works.)
    I suspect newer films work the same way. C41 kits are affordable, though to make it worthwhile you want to get as many rolls through in a short time. I believe it is three 36exp rolls per 8 ounces, with appropriate development time for each. The usual kits make 32oz, for 12 rolls.
    If you find liquid concentrate, you have a good chance that they will keep in sealed airless (squeeze or use marbles) bottles for 2 or 3 months.
  8. The problem with pre-treated movie film (from CineStill) is that the Remjet is also the anti-halation layer. Lose that and you get halation (if you care). The problem with Remjet is removing the stuff. You won't want to bother if you're shooting several rolls per day.
    But, having said that, I would love to try all the Kodak movie stocks at least once. I'll put up with the halation. :)

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