Kodak Ultima and Fuji ProPlus II - what are they?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by ben_johnson|3, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. When I was travelling in Vietnam recently, I ran out of Reala and
    400UC very near the end of my trip, so I picked up a couple of rolls
    of Kodak Ultima and Fuji ProPlus II C-41 film. I shot 1/2 a roll of
    the ProPlus and still have the Ultima unexposed. Can anyone tell me
    anything about these films? Is there a North American equivalent of

    I've search photo.net and can't find any reference these films.

  2. Probably is either MAX or High Definition, under some other name. In markets where they have to charge low prices, they use other names to make it harder to grey market it back to the USA. Same thing with ProFoto. It might also be a "generation" back from the current USA film.

    Not a word about it on the Kodak USA website. In the USA it's the brand for a line of inkjet papers...

    I suppose the easiest thing would be to look at the edge codes when it's developed. Probably gives the generation number somewhere.
  3. Thanks, John. I don't think that the Ultima is MAX - it was packaged as a pro film, in propacks with portrait-like images on it (wedding shots, mostly). Also, MAX is available as MAX all over Asia.

    You have a good point - just process the stuff and see what's printed on the negs. I'll re-post when I do that.
  4. Google "Kodak Ultima 100 film" and you'll see it's an emulsion
    designed specifically for India. There is a PDF datasheet under
    Kodak.com/IN, publication E-3402. Looks like tweaked Gold 100 (?).
  5. Who would have imagined an emulsion specially for Indian weddings? Fascinating. God knows what it was doing in Hanoi. Now, I suppose that I'll have to find an Indian wedding so that I can use my roll of Ultima. Doesn't sound like a bad idea...
  6. I finished off my roll of ProPlus and had it processed. Nice looking stuff: medium saturation with accurate colours, and medium-high contrast. Alas, there is no indication on the edge of the negatives what kind of film it is. It's just blank!
  7. ProplusII 100 is sold in Latin America and Asia as portrait and wedding film. I guess the reason is that it is a LOW CONTRAST film that helps controlling the saturation of darker skin. I shot several rolls of this film while traveling to Istanbul, Turkey and got continuous tonned colors with low contrast. Good film for wedding and portrait photography - not suitable if you are looking for higher saturation and strong colors

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