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  1. bought a few months ago a RETINETTE 1B,bargain at carboot sale for just 50 pence.Excellent condition,meter fully online,inside A+++,out and lens/speeds A+++.Never used it,thought it's just one of those cheap cameras,being acquired just for my collection.Yesterday put a 12 BW Tmax 100 film and got out and about with this camera.I NEVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE FOR A RATHER CHEAPO CAMERA TO TAKE SUCH PICTURES!!!I am really thrilled about how clear and sharp are these lenses and the shutters are at their best!That would be a lesson:never ever judge a camera by the looks of it:))))) anyone else experimenting with RETINETTE 1B and BW? regards
  2. I own and use a IIa and IIIc, both of which deliver excellent results, but cost quite a bit more than two bob. (Did I, as a Yank, get that right?) If not, then "Bobs your uncle", a phrase I have never understood.
  3. Fifty pence = ten bob in real money. Still something of a bargain!
  4. I have to say: I'm not surprised!

    The Retinette 1B is (IIRC) equiped with a Rodenstock (or Schneider?) Reomar 2.8/45 which - although only a 3 element design - can deliver astonishing results if you stop down about two or three f-stops.

    Those cameras are serious picture takers.

  5. I have a Retinette IA that was my father,s. I believe that it is like the IB but without a meter. It has a Schneider Reomar lens. I had it repaired (sticky shutter blades) when I first got it and the old-time repairman, now deceased, made me promise never to sell it. It was my very first camera and the one that started me on this fasinating voyage of learning and creativity, called photography. It was this camera that influenced my love of older mechanical cameras. My collection is now up to around 40 cameras (35mm, 120, and 2 LF) and I enjoy using each and every one of them at one time or another.
  6. Any model in the Retina line seems capable of producing high quality images. Quite a stroke of luck to find one at that price and in good condition. Hope to see some more from this camera.
  7. I know that I'm a couple of years behind the Retinette thread but I'm hoping someone can answer my query. I recently bought a Retinette 022 at a car boot sale. It is working at all speeds, although one second seems to struggle to get there. My question is what are the speeds on the other side of B for ? They are marked as 4,8 15, 30, 60, 125. The shutteris a Compur Rapid, but no way can these speeds be selected. There is also a LV scale. I am curious to know the answer. Cyril Lowe.
  8. I am in the process of buying one of these off ebay. The Kodak Retinette 1b was my first camera and good it was too. Anyway, I have been trying to find out what modern film can be used. I haven't received the camera yet so cannot see the ASA range.
    Any help would be appreciated

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