Kodak Retinette 1B Type 37

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  1. Hi, Ive just aquired this Kodak Retinette1B from the Bay, nobody waned it, cost 99 pence, put a film through it and was surprised how the Reomar Triplet performed, the shutter is a bit sluggish but that can be rectified.. I have put a couple of shots on to let you see...
  2. Another One
  3. This is last one
  4. The Retinettes seem to be somewhat overlooked, Robert, and you've shown what they're capable of. The Reomar lens is an excellent triplet, from my experience, and the solid construction and fine finish of the camera is typical of the little German cameras of that era, such as the Silettes and the Frankarettes. That pic of the Slitting Mill, for instance, is hard to fault in terms of quality. Very nice tones and colour overall; what was the film, and scanning? I hope you enjoy using the camera, and please keep posting!
    And to keep everyone happy, you'd better post a pic of the camera.....
  5. So where is the camera !
  6. If this is the same Schneider-Kreuznach Recomar 45mm f2.8 that I (briefly) had on my Retina S1, then it's a surprisingly good lens. Pity no one wants to use these old cameras anymore, I did find the lack of a rangefinder or any focusing aids whatsoever to be a hindrance. But my pictures were great. I bought hot shoe rangefinder after using it, only to find that I could 'guesstimate' distances more accurately than the rangefinder was reading them, and by then I'd sold the camera. I had too many anyway (still have a very similar Voigtlander).
    Nice photos, I like the red car. I hope you enjoy the camera as a 'user', I'm a little sad to always see these sitting on a shelf collecting dust.
  7. Hi Rick, Here is a picture of the camera and the film was Kodak 400 developed and scanned at our local Tesco superstore.
  8. I had two of these. I gave one away then the remaining one developed a faulty shutter.
    I did like to use it and I like the bottom mounted film wind which is the same as the Kodak Retina Reflex III of which I have two which still work!
  9. I picked this beauty up at an online auction for $9.99 in 2004. It works flawlessly. Unfortunately, the cost and wait of film seems prohibitive, so I'm keeping it in the closet.
  10. Ah yes, pretty little cameras, indeed. I'm always on the lookout for a fully-working Type IIB, probably the best-finished model, with the non-coupled selenium meter, but they're quite sought-after. Thanks for the pics!

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