[Kodak Retina Reflex S] I used the self-timer, now the shutter is stuck

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by anton_kratz, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Someone gave me a Kodak Retina Reflex S, I think it is a wonderful camera and I anticipated using it a lot in the future. However, somewhere during the first roll, I managed to break the shutter.
    I was trying out the self-time (green lever in the "V" position). Apparently the self-timer did not run.
    In any case, the leaf shutter is now always closed.
    I can use the film-advance lever, and most mechanical aspects seem to be working properly, it's just that the leaf-shutter seems to be closed permanently, and when I look through the viewfinder it's just dark. The self-time does not work anymore whatsoever, too.
    I found this page: http://retinarescue.com
    This page also mentions my problem I think, and it's great that this guy is offering repairs but I don't think I can afford this. I am also not able to do such repairs myself. I would pay around ~100 Euro / 10,000 Yen for a fix. I am sometimes in Germany, sometimes in Japan - can anyone recommend a shop, or website where I can send this in, where this could be repaired? Is it true that the Kodak Retina Reflex S is so complicated that few repairmen will touch it, as the guy from retinarescure.com claims?

    So basically my question is, can anyone recommend an affordable way to get this repaired, and where (especially Germany or Japan)?
  2. In all likelihood you are going to have to open the shutter, or have a repair shop open it, and see if it's just jammed, which I suspect that it is. Once it's fixed, remove or tape over the self timer arm. I have ruined a LOT of old shutters by using those things. They can sometimes be triggered accidentally. which is why I fix them so that they cannot be accidentally triggered on all my cameras.
  3. Thanks Steve! Somehow I also think it is just jammed - I wonder *how* can I open the shutter?! Is this very complicated, do I have to dissassemble the camera (in that case I think I better try to find a repair shop)?
  4. Don't even think about fixing it yourself unless you know exactly what you're doing. These are very complex cameras.
    I would put the problem to the Classic Camera Repair Forum

    You should find at least one very knowledgeable and helpful response
  5. I'm sure the shutter will need a service, but as the others have said, the RR is a hard thing to work on. Oh, and there is an unwritten law for users of classic cameras...."Never use the self timer!" :)
  6. "Never use the self timer!"​
    This is one of the eternal truths - as Captain Willard says in Apocalypse Now:
    Absolutely goddamn right​
    But I fear that will not console you. Try jiggling the release, the timer and other stuff -- sometimes it will loosen whatever is jammed, so long as you
    Don't force it!​
    another eternal truth
  7. I didn't know about the self-timer taboo - it's a pity, because for the kind of photography I normally do (on 35mm-film-EOS), I use the self-timer all the time. Anyway I thanks for these responses. I already tried using the self-timer again, in the hope that it would "fire" and thus release the shutter, and trying out all the functions I could think of that could un-stick the shutter, to no effect so I think I will try the kyphoto forum next and then I will try to find a repair shop.
  8. I use the self timers of all my cameras regularly. This prevents them sticking in the first place. You will have to try moving the shutter speed selector back and forwards; tapping the lens mount around the shutter; and jiggling the actuating lever of the timer. Vibration may persuade the timer escapement to run down fully. They rarely suffer a true jam (which I define as a mechanical seizure). It is almost always congealed lubricant that prevents them completing correctly, not a mechanical conflict.
  9. Try re-winding the shutter and self-timer and firing it again with light finger pressure on the self-timer lever to "help" it along (be gentle!). A cheap remedy that might work. If it does, don't ever use the self-timer again before you've had the camera serviced!
  10. Ronsonol, lighter fluid into the space near the self timer may and then the jiggle and tap might work. If it truly is gummy lubricants, you pronanly need some solvent to help things along.
  11. Hi Anton.
    If you want to truly use the functions of the camera in the future, a Clean, Lube, and Adjust (CLA) should be done. If the self timer fails to operate once engaged, some type disassembly is required in order to get the self timer arm to return to the original position. These are really fun cameras to use, but horribly complicated and prone to hanging up after 50+ years of working on original 50s and 60s era lubricants. Most involved camera repair comes at a premium anyways. Chris Sherlock (retina rescue) is the best I know of though for repairing the Retina series of Kodaks.
  12. "It is almost always congealed lubricant that prevents them completing" Brett R.
    "Ronsonol (Naphtha), lighter fluid into the space near the self timer" Ken J.
    "Technician's Logic": For a quick do no harm*, I concur...
    (After-all, the shutter is jammed)

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