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  1. about 3 years ago I bought one of these for a couple dollars, It didnt have a lens and the and some other shutter parts were missing so I thought I would just buy and keep just in case, now I was able to pick another up for just a couple dollars , had to swap the tops and meter and just for about $25 I got a nice camera , this is number 3rd one of this series for me nikon70-200_1.jpg , I like these Retina's , I have about 15 of various modes now.
  2. Great looking!

    My Retina wasn't so sharp in any number of ways, but it was a great shooter when new.

    Here's a 'native' leaflet from Kodak on similar models
    Meisterhaft knipsen Kodak Retina s_Page_1.jpg
    Meisterhaft knipsen Kodak Retina s_Page_2.jpg
  3. Have you used the 35mm and 80mm on this?
  4. Sandy Vongries

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    These may have been the last great American film cameras.
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  5. Properly cleaned and adjusted, the Retinas are sharp and oh so easy to carry. It isn't widely known, but the lens on the IIIc is radioactive.
  6. I have two IIIc's (small c) and a IIa. I think the schneider xenon is one of the sharpest, high contrast, lens I've ever used. I understand that both theMine were serviced by Mr Sherlock in NZ: 'retinarescue'. Highly recommended. And Sandy Vongries, I will take the demurrer: Kodak bought out Nagel Camerawerk, who made them. They were never American made, just owned. They are a wonderful camera, intuitive, ergonomic, and pocketable (barely). I carry one in my work bag for ad hoc photography. conrad_ hoffman, thanks for that information. Never knew that. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
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  7. Made in Germany?
  8. rodeo_joe|1: yes, Stuttgart. I have a couple of IIc's, which I prefer to use. They are less bulky. I have been told, but cannot vouch safe for it, that the xenon f2.8 (which is on my IIc cameras, was a xenon f2, but with a stop on the openning of the aperture blades). None of my versions have matching numbers on the internal and external elements. Kodak had an unmistakable capacity to turn gold into dross at times. Kodak: 'moments lost in time, like tears lost in rain'. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1). Absolutely fabulous camera.
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  9. The lens was fogged so I never actually did more than test shots with my Retina I.
    Someday maybe I'll try to clean it up?
  10. This was taken with a llc another of these I like a lot, there just tons of fun Untitled-23.jpg
  11. Here is mine, a Retina I type 126.
    Has a light leak issue headed down below.

    Also have a IIIc

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  12. A bit of trivia: August Nagel, the man who made the Retinas, also invented the 135 35 mm film cartridge. Though not everyone has owned, used or even heard of Retinas, almost everyone who ever used film in a camera has used these cartridges.
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  13. I notice Donald's has a Kodak Ektar lens. Mine (3) all with Schneider lenses. I think most told in Europe had Rodenstock lenses.
  14. over the years i've used several retina's my favorite being the iia. But for a pocket camera there simply too heavy; I needed to wear suspenders AND and belt to keep my pants on...
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  15. My personal favourite, the Retina II (Type 011)

    Retina II Pnet.jpg
  16. nice, here's my ll and llc nikon70-200_1.jpg
  17. The IIIc has a fantastic normal lens. I find the 35 and 80 mm lenses for the IIIc awkard to use.

    I have used a IIIc for travel because of its quality and portability


  18. I have a Retina ib that I picked up at a flea market a few years back. It just needed a little cleaning, I really had a wish come true wen I found this. I learned photography on my Dad's Retina that he picked up while in the Navy in the '50's. I've run 4 or 5 rolls of film through it and everything about the camera is perfect. A friend gave me a set of Auxiliary lenses 1-3 and I'm not sure exactly what they are for? Close up lenses? Can they be stacked? Since there's no through the lens focus, I am at a loss as to what their function is. Any light on this would be appreciated.
  19. Those sound like close-up lenses and I don't know how to use them with a rangefinder. The Retina had a bayonet front element and there were two (I think) alternate lenses you could mount in its place for tele and wide angle, though they may have been awkward as well. Need photo.
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  20. When close up lenses are made for rangefinder use a viewfinder lens of same diopter as close up lens is part of the set. If the viewfinder attachment is missing or lens is made for an SLR you might try holding the lens in front of rangefinder to focus. If you position it correctly the image will shift and you can focus. Then attach the close up lens to the camera lens and give it a try. Not as precise as a dedicated RF close up attachment but if used at moderate to small aperture it might work. I successfully did this once with an Olympus XA. Tripod is highly recommended. YMMV.

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