Kodak Retina IIIc (Ausf. II)

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  1. Well...I could not resist this one...


    Cannot wait to take this one out for some picture taking too! The initial function/feature tests did well as well as the exposure meter. So I will confirm this when I test both cameras after this winter weather clears up.
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  2. I can imagine that you couldn't resist this one. especially with the 'kit'. Will look forward to the results.

    German (of which this Kodak is) cameras of this era had that fat, thick, and prosperous look. My roommate from Kiel, BRD, had an Agfa SLR that also had the "look".
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  3. Is it a IIIc or IIIC ?
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  4. hello conrad, can you tell me the difference of a IIIc and a IIIC? I would like to know? :)
  5. Both rangefinder and viewfinder windows are large (same size).
  6. Fine looking kit. The Kodak Retinas of that era were substantial. I had an uncle give me his Retina IIIS kit with all the lenses from 28mm to 135mm. The IIIS itself was on the fritz, so he bought me a Kodak Instamatic Reflex, which used all the Retina interchangeable lenses for the Reflexes and the IIIS rangefinder. I used that for about a year, then bought the Canon F-1 when it was first introduced.
  7. Ah, now I see. I thought the large meter was the clue, but the big C also has a big rangefinder, so it's a IIIc. Regardless, very nice!
  8. Interesting that you have the large diameter version Curtagon front-section converter.

    Mine's the small diameter version, and I've always wondered if there's any noticeable optical difference between the two.

    Interesting that the meter has no range-changing flap either.
  9. From Chris Sherlock web site, "The final change in exposure meters was the move to a single range meter in July 1957. This meter had film speed settings from ASA 5 to ASA 1300 and is identical in style with that fitted to the later IIIC, Retina IB, Retina Reflex and the Retinette IIB. The alloy casting and chrome flap were replaced with a plastic moulded meter housing. Cameras with the new single range meter are found from serial number 722045. With this change the IIIc was now known as a type 021 Ausf. II."

    In addition, the user's manual had an extra page of instructions added between the cover and the first page...see the photos:


    The front side of the added page:


    The back side of the added page:


    Otherwise, the rest of the manual is the same any other Retina IIIc guide. The exposure meter so far is just -0.5 EV in all initial tested reflected lighting scenes. I think this pretty darn good for a 65 year camera! Cannot wait for the harsh winter weather that is bogging down Texas to clear out...I cleaned up both Kodak Retina cameras and ready to go shooting with newly arrived film!

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