Kodak Retin IIa in Colour

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by robert_chadwick, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Hi, I posted last week some pics taken with my new Retina IIa in B & W , here is a few more but this time in colour, using Kodak Ektar 100, I am impressed, see what you think....
  2. Number two
  3. Number three
  4. Number four
  5. Number five
  6. Number six
  7. Number seven
  8. Last one, the shutter on this Retina IIa, is amazingly quiet, I have a IIc on its way from Germany, I will be pleased if its as good as this IIa..
  9. These look great. Those Retinas are very capable picture takers. And Ektar 100 was a good choice to show off that sharp
    lens. Enjoyable post.
  10. Here is a roughly 500K pdf file of a Retina pamphlet (in German) that was given to me at the local camera store.
    There's a certain family resemblance among these small folders from Germany just before and after WWII. I fear that my Retina I produces pretty "glowy" (as in "Leica glow") results, so I stick mostly with my DDR examples of similar cameras.
    Nice work.
    You know, you often find the gulls where the buoys are!
  11. Fine results, Robert. Particularly good colour and contrast; #6, for example, contains a huge amount of detail, as well as being a really pleasing image. As for the pesky seagulls, never leave any tern unstoned...
  12. It is a very capable lens indeed.
  13. Very nice color pics from your Kodak, Robert. I've never shot Ektar 100 in 35mm, reserving it for MF work.
    You give me inspiration to feed some into my IIIC (when the weather gets warmer, though).
  14. The Kodak Retina's are solid performers but it takes a talented photographer like you to show them at their best.
  15. Great photos, Robert!
    I recently 'won' a IIa and a Ib on eBay, but haven't quite finished cleaning them up.
    After seeing your photos, I think I'll give them a try this weekend (sticky slow speeds be damned!) I just hope my photos turn out nearly as well as yours!
  16. Hi all, Thank you for the nice comments, Ken L, do what I did with my ebay wins, put them on the central heating radiator for half an hour, unscientific, but it seems to work, one shutter that didnt work at all sprang back into life after this treatment, then just gentle exercise!, as to slow shutter speeds how often do you actually use them ? quarter, half and one second can all be near as dammit obtained by usuing the bulb facility, oh and just do not use the self timer facility on an old compur shutter unless you want it rendered Kaput! dont even touch it.

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