Kodak Readyload - Help for impoverished artists?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by rob_strong|1, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. With the impending discontinuance of Readload film, I was hoping there might be an opportunity for artists who
    rely on the film packets (but can't afford to buy & freeze 10 boxes) to prevail upon the good nature of Kodak for
    some end-of-the-line philanthropy. Or perhaps a pro-services department to which one could propose a sponsorship

    I've looked around the Kodak website from time to time to see who I should contact about this, but no luck.
    Anybody have any ideas?

    Sincerely, and with great fondness for Portra 160,

    Rob Strong
  2. pvp


    Maybe if you buy a few thousand shares of stock, they'll look favorably on your request. It should probably be preferred stock, not the common variety.
  3. I highly doubt you will be able to get anywhere with the Redyloads. Polaroid did all of the finishing for the packets.
    Since they are no longer in the film business, Kodak will not be able to make them anymore no matter how much money is
    thrown at them.

  4. Yeah, I realize that they're not going to make them anymore; I was just hoping that there might be a way for folks to appeal to Kodak for whatever remaining supply might be hanging around when they shut down the machines; particularly folks who aren't about to drop $30,000 on a medium format digital back, and who use Readyloads in the pursuit of their art.
  5. The machines in Waltham, MA have almost certainly already been scrapped. "Game Over."

    Everything in the pipeline is all that is left.
  6. IDK but I'm somewhat impoverished and I never EVER used the luxury of readyloads. Film holders aren't that expensive
    compared to what RLs would have cost over my even short LF career,
  7. Why do you feel that anyone should GIVE you anything? Are you a 501(c)3 non-profit? If you have a worthwhile project, you might look around for a friendly non-profit organizqtion and try writing a grant under their umbrella. Another alternative would be to make a sign and stand out on a busy street corner...That might actually work!
  8. Thanks Bruce.

    Between the cost and hassle of assembling a makeshift dark changing room, buying a changing bag, buying film holders, changing film in the field, packaging exposed negatives to send them to the lab for processing, keeping track of what's in which holders, and so on, I'm happy to pay the extra dollar per exposure for packet film. It would be different, maybe, if I shot black and white and processed my own film, and shot mainly in a studio. I shoot color on the road, so Readyloads are worth the premium to me. I guess I'll see what I can do with Fuji now.
  9. W,

    Thanks for your input.
  10. Hello Rob,

    E-bay has several auctions for Kodak Readyload films right now. I'd buy as much as I could.

    I used to work in a radiology department nd would shoot some of the out-dated 8x10 ultrasound film. When all x-ray departments went digital, this film was became unavailable. A few boxes came up on e-bay...I resorted my priorities and bought several 100 sheet boxes.

    Nobody is going to give this stuff away. Figure out what is important to you and your artistic effort, embrace your decision to act (or not act) and move on.
  11. Start to use the Fuji's Quickload and we will have them a bit longer!

    I still have some Kodak in the freezer, which I will use the next 3-4 years!

    Cheers Armin
  12. I agree with Armin. I buy as much fuji quickloads on ebay as possible. Also, B&H photo has a good stock but pricey. Good Luck.

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