Kodak processing mailers in Europe - Still good?

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  1. I have a roll of Kodak Kodachrome that I got from a friend here in Sweden. He didn't want to bother with it,
    as it expired in 1994. I shot the roll just for fun and practice. It has the processing mailer with it in the
    box and I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can still take advantage of the processing 12 years later???
    If not, does anyone know a good processing place in the Stockholm region?

    I did a little searching on here but didn't find the answer I was looking for. If someone has already
    answered this question in another forum topic, sorry for the repeat question. Thanks in advanced.
  2. All Kodachrome processing worldwide is now done only by Dwaynes in the USA. I would check with your local Kodak subsidiary as to whether the mailer is still valid, and whether it isn't best to package the mailer in a different envelope addressed directly to Dwaynes if it is still valid.
  3. Last info I got was that you have to send it to Kodak/Lausanne and from there it will be sent to the US and returned to the customer.
  4. Hej

    Send it to the Switzerland address that is written on the envelope. The other addresses are questionable, I have used the Norway address a few months ago and it worked but I dont know if it works now. The new Kodachrome envelopes have only the German and Swiss addresses on them. Your film will be forwarded to USA by Kodak, and the processed film will be sent directly to your address within 2-3 weeks.

    You can also check big photo stores like Expert, they can take your Kodachrome and forward it to Kodak Sweden and then to Kodak Switzerland etc. But it will take longer. It is worth paying SEK 15-20 to postage and saving yourself a few weeks.
  5. Thanks everyone for the answers. I have a better idea of how to approach this.

    Berk - tack för svar! I'll look into the Switzerland address, sounds like a good idea. I tried to
    find information about this on the Kodak website, but of course the website was of no help at
  6. Here are the details from Kodak UK:


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