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  1. Did anyone ever get Kodak Olympic watches in '92 and/or '96? $4.95 & 20 proofs-of-purchases from film boxes couldn't beat it. '92 was gold, '96 was black. Might they be "worth" anything today?
  2. Not much from what's on that auction site. Might be worth keeping just for its novelty value.
  3. Problem with anything "Modern" - they could produce an unlimited number of them and then when the promotion ended, sell the remainder for pennies on the dollar to a liquidator.
    Unless it is a limited, numbered edition, it isn't going to have value.
  4. And it need not have value even if it is a limited, numbered edition, for that matter. Someone has to want it (demand), first.
  5. I would want one on the cheap. I have a box I throw old junk in. All sorts of old things such as watches, coins and such. I would toss an old beater Leica in there if somebody gave it to me which they will eventually.
  6. But did anyone here at photo.net get any? Do they still have them? Just curious, not really concerned about value.
  7. mtk


    Hi DF, I do have a '92 version...

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