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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by rdm, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. rdm


    Is it possible to Add a Flash sync to the Kodak Medalist I. Has anyone done this or is there some one that does this conversion? Or is the only way to change the whole flash shutter to somthing else.
    I ask because i have a Kodak Medalist one now thats pretty stiff and could use a really good CLA. And I seen and old folding Kodak camera where someone add a flash sync to the shutter that never had one before. I figured if i get someone to work on this if its possible to ass a flash sync i should do that.
  2. Bald Mountain might be able to or maybe a shutter repair shop. It was done all the time years ago and I have two Medalist I's that have been converted to flash sync. I think I'd just try to find a good Medalist II instead of having yours convert since the cost will probably be close to the same.
  3. I have a Medalist 1 with the iffy Supermatic shutter, but the insides of the shutter look pretty much the same as any other Supermatic shutter. I don't think it would be that hard to take a synced Supermatic of the same size and add the parts to your Medalist to get the job done. Easier to just add the sync contact I think than to try to transpose a different shutter onto the Medalist, given the strange cocking mechanism.
  4. Jody is right in that the Supermatic shutter for the Medalist cameras was a special shutter strictly for that camera. Most internals parts like the speed escapements are the same as other supermatic shutters, but the rear cocking is unique. Both my Medalist I's that have been converted to flash sync have had there timer levers removed.
  5. Jody:
    I suspect that the reason that your Medalist 1s had their timer levers removed was because the timer escapement has been recycled as a delay for bulb flash - otherwise conversion is a major league game to put it mildly!
    This is not an issue with a conversion for X sync where there is no delay necessary - the trigger point is when the shutter is open, not before it starts as with a bulb.
  6. My Medalist still has the self-timer attached, and no sync. But I'm starting to wonder if the reason the shutter is dead is because that self-timer keeps locking up, that might be a common problem with these. I tried fixing it once but couldn't understand why sometimes it works but most often it doesn't. I mean all the parts are there and seem to do what they're supposed to, just half the time it does nothing but look at me and mock me.
  7. rdm


    I contacted Bald Mountain a few days before i made this post and still have not gotten a response. Is that the place that converted your cameras John?
  8. dan
    I purchased both my Medalist I's already converted. I think some of these might have been converted by Kodak as an upgrade after the Medalist II came out, but I could be wrong. I'm sorry for the delay on your question, but I'm on vacation at the moment. JohnW

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