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  1. Is Kodak enforcing expiration dates on its processing mailers?
    I have a four-pack of PK36 mailers I bought about five years ago and
    hadn't opened. There's no expiration date on the outside. But the
    mailers inside say "Mailer valid through 6/30/03." Before I send off a
    roll I want to make sure they're not going to toss it in the garbage
    for being in an old mailer. I couldn't find anything on their web site
    referring to mailers at all and the 800-242-2424 info number only gave
    me a couple of automated options that were unrelated to anything
    except in-store C41 processing. (Admittedly I called on a Saturday
    so maybe they're better through the week.)
    Also, I assume Kodak has no problem developing Fuji e6 Velvia but has
    anyone heard otherwise?
  2. From what I understand, District Photo in Maryland does all Kodak mailers. I recently sent a roll and they developed it without a problem. This mailer was older than 5 years old. I mailed it to:

    Kodak Mailer Processing
    in care of District Photo
    PO Box 3022
    Beltsville, 20705


    I had to put postage on the mailer and re-address it.
  3. Plug that District Photo address into the ZIP code locator at www.usps.com and it changes the ZIP code to Beltsville, MD 20704-3022. This might result in a faster delivery, then again, anything is possible (good or bad!) when dealing with the USPS!
  4. not exactly on point, but as long as we're talking Kodak mailers: they've been sloooow as
    molasses lately with 120 slide film. Finally gotten some better with my last roll.

    Anyone else have the same experience?

    Also, I called them to find correct address a few months back; they gave street address at
    10501 Rhode island Ave, Beltsville MD 20705-2317 (verified zip at USPS).

    Is the PO box as listed above the better, or faster, address to which to send them? Is this

    Mike Sebastian
  5. I have found no evidence that the expiration date is being enforced, and this includes the recent experiences of several friends who use PK mailers.

    In fact, just recently I bought PK mailers from B&H and they were past the expiration date, which I interpret as further evidence that the date isn't being enforced.

    I have not bothered to re-address any of the mailers, USPS knows where to send them. I find it odd that the outfit in MD that is processing the film returns the mailer number with hand-written return address attached to the inside of their white envelope. (I do appreciate that they haven't eliminated the mailer number completely, as it helps me when sending in multiple film types).

    I have used PK-36 mailers to develope Fuji E-6 films numerous times with no problems. It came back in cardboard slide mounts imprinted "Color Slide". (Nicely generic, isn't it?)

    My recent experience (April) shows that a two-week turn around remains the norm, at least from my geographic area.
  6. I have sent Kodak Fuji E6 films for years with no problem (including Velvia). I prefer Kodak to Fuji prepaid mailers because I like the plastic slide mounts that Kodak uses. Fuji used to use plastic but switched to cardboard. I find you get more lint with the cardboard mounts and the edges are not as clean when scanned.

    I just got off the phone with Kodak and they told me all film sent to Fair Lawn is forwarded to their facility in MD. Sending it directly to Maryland is faster. The address is:

    PO Box 3022
    Beltsville, MD 20705

    I just got back a roll of slide film from them which I sent to Fair Lawn. The turn around time was 2 1/2 weeks. Hopefully sending it directly to Beltsville will cut down turnaround time in the future. The woman who helped me claimed that sending it directly to MD should cut down the turn around time to a week. That would be great if true. We'll see......

  7. Maybe 2 years ago, I had this Qualex note returned with my slides. It said that in the future, the default mounting option would be cardboard for Kodachrome and plastic for Ektachrome (I took it to mean all E-6). If you wanted something else, make a notation in the "instructions" box for a mailer or the "special instructions" area for a send in bag. I never did like plastic (too heavy) if you have tens of thousnads of slides. I also didn't like how they printed the information on the emulsion side, which means you have to turn it over to see the information if viewing on a light box!

    Return to Tennessee has taken anywhere from 8 to 16 days for the last 8 or 10 Kodachrome rolls I sent direct to District Photo P. O. Box. The average has been around 12 days, but that is much better than when they went to Fair Lawn.

    The average return for Kodachrome sent in by Wal-Mart is running right at 9 days, but a few times, it's been closer to 7 or 8 days. They have also told me that it's carboard only with the Wal-Mart/Fuji green send in bag.

    Also FYI, I understand the default for K-14 sent to the Swiss lab is plastic and that if you want cardboard, you have to state that on the processing included mail in bag!

    Robert Johnson

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