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  1. From an inheritance I got an old film Kodak Infrared IR135.
    It seems to have been used but is still undeveloeped.
    It has been kept in a metal container.
    I want to develop, just in case there are still some images on it.
    End date is July 1957. I do realise changes are there is nothing usable left.
    Just seeking advice on development times.
    I use XTOL or Rodinal. Still have some D76.

    Kodak IR135 1.jpeg
  2. At 68F/20C: D-76 for 11 minutes, or Microdol-X for 14 minutes.
  3. However, I must say that IR film, in my experience, is perhaps the least likely to preserve any images or to still be usable over long periods.

    • Ektachrome-Infrared-boxes.jpg
    • Color IR, but definitely DOA​
  4. 1947 data book says 9 minutes in D-76 with intermittent agitation. But you would probably get better results with HC-110 Dilution B for 6 minutes, better at preventing base fog. XTOL would be about the same time as D-76.
  5. I have the 1965, second edition (first printing) edition of "Kodak films in rolls."

    Among the additions from the earlier edition are times for HC-110,
    but not for IR 135.

    I did have a half roll of IR 135 not so long ago, and got no usable images.
    Not even frame boundaries were visible.

    With Ektachrome Infrared, you have some chance that the non-IR layers
    work enough to get an image, even if not the IR layer.
  6. Thank you for the replies and advices.
    I also have undiluted HC-110 in stock.
    I will probably try the suggestion posted by John Shriver.
    Will let you all know the result.

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