Kodak Explorer all-weather camera

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by david_m, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. I just picked this camera up in a thrift store for $6. I looked it up
    on Kodak's site and found no mention of it. Does anyone know anything
    about it?. Its made in Japan and has a 35mmF5.6 lens. Its a really
    neat looking camera with industrial looking switches and knobs. It
    looks a bit like an underwater camera. The back of the camera says
    "Motordrive Shock-resistant enclosure class 7 all-weather 35mm camera"
  2. A Kodak rep. gave me one back in the mid eighties, and it was our family camera for years, until my son plucked out a piece in the back that held the film down. It may still work, but I haven't tried it since. It was too cool looking to throw away. It collects dust on my bookcase. I never kept the box or papers. While it is not an underwater camera, I did take it with me tubing down Ichitucknee Springs.
  3. I picked one up today and fixed the film pressure plate. Looks like a neat camera, were there instructions about vaselene on the back door seal?
    I am a camera collector, I've never seen this model before!

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