Kodak DD2422 developer alternatives?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by martin_pistor, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Hi everybody,
    whereas Mr.Photo advertises Kodak Direct Duplicating Film Type 2422
    at ebay, does anybody know, which of my standard developers could do
    beside Kodaks recs. of D11 and DK50?
    My shelf already includes Rodinal, A49/Atomal, Moersch Tanol, and
    Kodak T-Max (only leftovers, not to be stored anymore), and Paper
    Any idea what could be compatible?
    Best regards,
  2. These films are tolerant of about any developer. You're just on your own coming up with development times. I've developed 2468 in Ilford DD-X, and it came out fine. (Film speed less than ISO 1, however!)

    Looking at the data sheet, it appears to tend towards contrasty, so keep that in consideration. Paper developers aren't going to help with that.

    For figuring out developing time, just develop unexposed film, and figure out what time gives a reasonable D-max. Then figure out what exposure gives a reasonable D-min.

    Since it's completely color-blind, you can easily develop by inspection.
  3. John,

    if the film is unexposed, how will it develop D-max? Do you mean, exposed to room light?

  4. Hi Jay,
    John is right, I had to think twice too, but the trick with this film is, its reversal Neg-Neg or Pos-Pos. So it has to be unexposed to dev. Dmax. Thanks John, I'm going to try out.

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