KODAK COMMERCIAL EKTAR 8 1/2 in 6.3 #3 shutter

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  1. Any opinions of this lens for black and white landscapes on 4x5?
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    The Commercial Ektars had a good reputation in their day and should be good for landscapes on 4x5. If you're looking to buy one I would pay attention to the condition of the shutter given the age--probably 60 years or more, and probably in need of a CLA for accurate speeds.
  3. Old (all black painted) Compur shutters are pretty reliable in my experience, and really simple to service even if they get 'gummed up'. But Kodak used a variety of shutters and it's a matter of luck and previous maintenance history whether you get a good 'un.

    I have an ancient 7" f/7.7 Kodak Anastigmat that delivers very good image quality. Kodak didn't put their name to rubbish in the professional market.

    Having said that: Condition is everything with a lens, and if a former owner has scrubbed it to death, or dropped it, or let fungus get at it, or the cement has started to separate, then all bets are off.
  4. I neglected to cite it is a #3 ACME shutter
  5. Acme shutters were made by Ilex here in Rochester. I used to work for them, but not with the mechanics of the shutters. They had a huge auction of equipment in East Rochester when the company closed. Anyway, the Acme shutters were clunky things made of somewhat primitive stamped parts, but in spite of that they're rugged and reliable. They'll be snapping long after we're gone. Somewhere I have info on the various lens designs, but any Commercial Ektar should give fine results.
  6. Good luck with the shutter.

    I tried to calibrate a large Ilex shutter once, and once was enough!
    There seemed to be no way to decouple the slower speed adjustment from the faster speeds. I could get accurate speeds above 1/30th, or accurate(ish) speeds below 1/30th, but not both!

    The speed regulator mechanism also required almost drowning in lubricant to get it to run consistently. Something I've never had to do with other shutters, which practically run 'dry'.
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  7. You tried too hard. The shutters are only supposed to be good to one stop.
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