Kodak Colorburst 50 film?

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  1. Hey all-

    I've been doing a little reading on the site (and others as well) and can't seem
    to get a definate answer, so here goes:

    I have a Kodak colorburst 50 instant camera and it requires PR10 instant film. I
    read that fuji instant film may be compatible, but isn't sold in the US. I was
    just wondering if anyone could verify that it does in fact work and exactly what
    I should search for in order to obtain some (product name...size....etc...)

  2. Due to a lawsuit with Polaroid, Kodak was forced to cease manufacture of both the Kodak
    instant cameras and films many many years ago. They were required to give refunds (of a
    sort) to consumers who purchased these items. The formats and physical arrangements of
    the film in the cassettes is totally different to any instant camera or film back available
    today (or in the last two decades). The Fuji materials are designed to work with current
    film backs, not amateur cameras that were discontinued almost 30 years ago. AFAIK there
    is no source for film of any sort for these long discontinued amateur cameras.

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  3. i see it pop up on the auction site every now and then. but it's 25 year old instant film so i doubt it works very well.
  4. Fuji did sell an instant film product that had the same dimensions as the Kodak instant film pack. The only difference was film speed which could be accommodated with the "lighten - darken" control. Fuji licensed the mechanical technology from Kodak and agreed not to sell the film in the US. Polaroid decided not to file for patent infringement if the film was confined to Japan. The film was available for many years after Kodak lost the patent case and stopped manufacturing in January of 1986.

    I can't find any information about the status of this film. It has probably been discontinued, but I don't know when. The Fuji FP products are designed for a film back. The Fuji Instax film is designed for a small camera like the Polaroid iZone.

    I have two packs of Kodak instant film in the freezer. I should get them out and give them a try.
  5. I'm going to investigate the workability of the Japan-only ACE film, which I believe is very
    similar to the Kodak film, as Fuji's Kodak-compatible cameras and their ACE-compatible
    cameras look identical.<br/>
    Instax may also work, with some sort of holder fitted so that the ejection pick can push the
    image units through the rollers.

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