Kodak BW400CN cheap

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by joe_nash|1, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. I was at our local Target, and they clearanced their whole inventory of Kodak
    BW400CN. I got the last six 3 packs for about 2.50 a pack. The expirations
    where 7/2008. I noticed their selection of film is dwindled down to just some
    Fuji and Kodak color film. So giving those of you who like the C-41 Kodak BW a
    heads up.
  2. WOW bargain! before i developed film myself i used this film, it cost between $10-16AU per roll in australia! rip off!

  3. Cheap for a reason... it sucks....

    OOPS did I say that? .. It is going to die.... If you want B&W from a 1 hour machine it is the choice... But it is pretty bad to scan yourself.. or use as a Darkroom wet print... Wal-Mart sold their's off a few months ago around here for about 1 buck a roll.

  4. It does suck. But I'm not that picky. Especially when I don't have a lot of time to developmy own film. I'll buy it.. Maybe I'll luck out maybe I won't but either way I've lost more money in Vegas.
  5. I wasn't impressed with it either through my Canon A bodies, but tried some in my dad's old Zeiss Ikon Contessa 35, and wow, what a difference. Much better. As far as scanning it does ok in my Epson RX620 for my needs.
  6. depends on who is printing.. it's an excellent film if your lab knows to turn Autocorrect to off and play with tone adjustments (for Fuji Frontier). I was able to achive the ortho look, the tin print look, etc.
    great film!

    it goes without saying you will not aproach the tonal scale of APX 100 or TX for that matter, but it beats BW conversions from neg color films

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