Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash

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  1. I think "Little Sis" with the broken leg, ended up taking the "Boyfriend" away from her older, knock knee'd, fat sibling and spent lots of time with him in the back seat of that Chevy!
  2. Gene -- I always love your comments. Thanks for the smiles.
  3. I think the photographer (?) took the second shot so as to be sure that the feet got cut off.
    Clocks on kitchen ranges mean nothing. They always get clogged up with bacon fat fumes after a couple years, then never work again.
    Fun stuff anyway.
    Hawkeyes are capable of much better pics. However, the push down shutter release almost guarantees camera movement.
  4. Despite the stupid vest and silly tie​
    I'm thinking Catholic school uniform there. I had to wear a similar rig as a kid in grade school.
    Oddly, the little Bakelite Brownie Hawkeye Flash has an interesting design of simplicity and function that is somehow appealing. The pictures.....instant vintage look!
  5. Just speculating here .. you didn't mention if this was multiple rolls, so I assume this is all from the same roll. Could the first two pictures be the same boy..a few years later? Mom or Grandmom does have on the same "party" dress and the ashtray is in the same place, the same sauce pan is on the stove, but comparing the cakes and candles is hard and inconclusive. The selection of cans on the the Norge is a bit different. Any analysts??
  6. Just the one roll, Chuck.
  7. The first shot, the tie-dyed hippie is demonstrating shape shifting. He crosses his arms and blinks his eyes and transforms into a clean cut little kid in shot #2. Grandma is amazed!
  8. 1962 Chevy, FYI
  9. omg..most fun I had all day! Thanks again, Gene.
  10. The originals are stuck between Frank and Arbus, somehow.
    The commentary elevates these to the sublime. Thanks. I do so enjoy these ethnographic explorations.
  11. Sublime commentary on ethnographic explorations........
    And my mother said I'd never amount to much.
  12. Nicely done, Gene. After looking at them for a while, you do get the feeling you know these people, which is kind of strange...I think you're right about Little Sis, Cliff; some people are just born photogenic! Thanks for another interesting and amusing post.
  13. Great post, I like the Hawkeye quite a bit. I gave mine a good wipe and it is ready to fire along with its flash bulbs.
  14. The interesting thing is that the obvious generational disapproval in the first shot (with the longhair) isn't much different in the second shot (with the smiling kid in vest and tie).
  15. JDM -
    "The commentary elevates these to the sublime. Thanks. I do so enjoy these ethnographic explorations."
    My sentiment exactly!!!
    Thanks again, Gene!
  16. Bad time to be drinking coffee for me....and the keyboard.
    As always, nice commentary and great job on saving these found films!
  17. Great shots! I agree --- the fellow with the long hair is an aged version of the blond boy in the vest. Oddly, Grandma never seemed to change . . .
  18. How was the kodachrome processed?
  19. Thanks for the fix Gene.
  20. Starvy. It's Verichrome.

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