Kodak Brownie 8mm movie camera

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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to this website, so I hope I'm posting this question in the right
    forum. I've started a collection of old 8mm movie cameras, mostly from eBay.
    I was surprised to find out that you can still get 8mm film from some
    companies online! I just got a Kodak "Brownie" Model 1 8mm movie camera, and
    unfortunately it's not working. Externally it seems to be in good condition,
    but for some reason when I try to wind it up, it's not holding any tension in
    the spring motor. I was wondering, does anyone know how to take the cover off
    this camera, and if it can be fixed? I took off two screws from the cover
    (the side cover where the winding knob is) but I don't know how to get the
    cover off. I don't know how to take off the winding knob.

    I have a couple of other Brownie movie cameras and they work great. I think I
    could fix this one if I just figure out how to take the cover off!

    - Chris
  2. Spring motors are dangerous to work on, very easy to let the spring loose and shred your flesh. It would be better to try another, since someone probably broke an irreplaceable part winding it too tight or otherwise forcing it.
  3. Hello there,

    I'm also new to this website and whilst I'm situated in the UK, I was wondering whether you could give me some advice please. I have a Kodak "Brownie" Model 2 8mm movie camera and ideally I'd like to get it working or would at least like to know whether it's working or not. Could you recommend anywhere for someone to look at it and also could you recommend where I could get some 8mm film from please (from the internet presumably)

    Many thanks,


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