Kodak Announces Plans to Sell Its Flexographic Packaging Division

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  1. Kodak Announces Plans to Sell Its Flexographic Packaging Division

    “Following this transaction, Kodak’s improved capital structure will allow us to increase our focus on demonstrated growth engines, while continuing to invest in and provide solutions across the commercial printing, film, and advanced materials industries,” said Clarke.

    "Kodak also announced it had entered into a non-binding letter of intent for a $400 million, 18-month loan with an existing term loan lender which would refinance its existing term debt, which would permit the company to pursue the sale process of FPD in a thoughtful manner in order to achieve maximum value for shareholders. Net proceeds from the sale of FPD will first be used to repay this loan."

    Glad to see they are still focusing on film as well.
  2. Like many others here, I suspect, I didn't know there was such a division, that Kodak owned it, or much of anything else.
    Flexography - Wikipedia

    I guess the last person to leave will shut the door.
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  3. Selling does not necessarily mean weakening.
  4. Flexography is an interesting process, I had to look it up as well....

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