Kodak Anastigmat Lens

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by lauren_macintosh, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Will a Kodak #9791 Anastigmat F6.3 130mm work on a 4x5 in a #1 optimo
    shutter, I know I could put it on the 4x5 and run a few sheets of film BUT I
    am cheap that way :) thanks
  2. Of course it will work. Will it cover the format at infinity? Probably. Will you be able to
    use tilts and shifts? I would think not very much.
  3. 130mm? That's probably made for a 1A (116 film) or quarter-plate (3-1/4" x 4-1/4") camera. The 3A (122 film) size lenses, which reliably cover 4x5, are in the 160 to 170mm range.

    Probably a Tessar design, not going to be really happy stretched into "wide angle" use.

    Be sure the Optimo shutter is working well for flipping the shutter blades in both directions. They flip and flop with each exposure. Cool shutter, nicely made, rather complicated. Poor shutter efficiency, the 1/300 speed will be a lot longer at small apertures.
  4. This shutter has long road to recovery it may have taken a bath a left alone after that, as of now have been able to get the shutter open but has not closed by its self also have-ing a time to rotate the front cover off the shutter to clean inside , so I have sprayed a small amount of radio shack CRC solvent to aid in looseing the parts of the shutter, Time will tell: thanks folks\\Lauren

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