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  1. I live in a southern Ontario town and I asked 2 local camera stores if
    they can get me Kodak infrared 4 x 5 b & w film. They said yes - but
    the minimum order is 20 boxes. I have read in this forum that this
    film is supossed to be discontinued. Can anyone shed some light on the
    present status of this film and where I might buy 3 or 4 boxes? Thanks
    .... Jack
  2. I've seen it occasionally on eBay. Usually out dated. Lol, eh.
  3. Well, here's my suggestion: if you really can get fresh HIE (I guess Kodak will custom-make small runs) you should see who else on this forum would like to go in on a run of 20, and split the cost. Did the store owners say how much it would cost? I'm a starving student, but I might even be interested (how fun is food and shelter compared to infrared film?).
  4. Does anybody know for sure that kodak will run off a small run of infrared high speed? If anybody can confirm that they will and confirm the cost, I'm interested in splitting the cost.
  5. Likewise
  6. what cost per box are we taling about?
  7. Count me in.
  8. Try the source 800-242-2424.
  9. leo


    Me too (A diet of rice and water works for me:) ).
  10. J.L.- I'll help out with a box, too. Let me know what to do. While
    we're on the subject, is a normal bellows material ok for IR?
    Seems I've had a lot of fogging in the past and never pinned
    down the source.
    Gary Meader
  11. They will run it. This is not new info but usally the min order is 50 boxes eh. So like if you get an order, like, on the go eh, let me in on it eh, cuz like u know 10 buck is bucks eh!
  12. Daniel... what's all the "eh"ing aboot, eh? Are you being a yankie hoser? Or are you a Canuck like Jack and me? :)
  13. I didn't realize you could get this film in 4x5 as a special order. I guess I need to pay better attention. It's fun film. Count me in for a few boxes if you are looking to put together an order.
  14. If you're thinking of getting an order together, I'd definitely be
    interested in at least two boxes, maybe more depending on
  15. I'm Interested in a few boxes as well. Count me in. I'll keep an I out for where this thread goes.
  16. I'll take a couple of boxes too.
  17. bax


    I'd be very interested in one/two boxes, need to investigate
    feasibility of shipping to uk.
  18. lwg


    Just want to get my request in as well. I would take 1 or 2 boxes depending on the cost.
  19. Someone above mentioned whether all bellows are "safe" for infrared expsoure. They are not. Some years ago I found out the hard way that my Wisner bellows (both normal accordian and bag WA) made of red kid leather will not block IR radiation and ruined a weekend's worth of shooting. Wisner does offer a synthetic bellows specifically for IR, but it's neither as long nor as flexible as the otherwise excellent kid leather ones. As far as I know the Wisner is the only brand with this problem, though I'd recommend testing (with an IR sensitive digital camera) before shooting any camera in question. Hope this helps.
  20. Count me in for a few boxes. I think the last list price was around $60 to $75 USD per box of 25 sheets (4x5).
  21. I've always wanted to try IR in large format. Count me in for a box too!
    I know that MACO makes 4x5 IR film, but I've heard it's painfully slow.
  22. Put me down for 2-3 boxes.
  23. I'll take a couple of boxes too.

    I recently shooted Konica IR 750 in 6x12 size with my Sinar F2. The bellows are safe. But this film is only sensitive up to about 820 nm. Kodak HIE are sensitive up to about 930 nm. You can try the bellows as follows:

    - First do this: put a TV remote control into the bellow, and point it to your TV, at one inch before the TV sensor, the bellow between the remote control and the TV sensor. If you are able to change the programms, your bellow is not IR proof. If you are unable to change the programms, the bellow MAY BE IR proof up to 904 or 1060 nm, depending on the IR Diode type. In this case, try the following test:

    - cut a piece of HIE 35mm and depose it into the bellow, with a small object over part of it, like a penny. Let the camera before the sun one or two hours then develop the film. If the print of the object is visible, the bellow is not IR proof.
  24. Re: Wisner bellows not IR proof......

    What if you cut a black changing bag to bellows size and using velcro or elastic, wrapped it around the outside of the Wisner bellows?

    That should work.
  25. I'd be interested in some HIE as well.

    Kodak officially discontinued manufacturer of sheet film sizes a couple of years ago.

    WRT Maco IR film, I've used it in roll film sizes (until my frozen supply of HIE runs out) and with the appropriate IR filter over the lens it's about the same speed as HIE. I typically use an 87C filter with HIE, but stop at an 87 with Maco 820.

    Regards, Pete
  26. I have 14 boxes of it in my freezer from one of the last runs Kodak made but I would be more than happy to help get more. If anyone is serious, please include me. Thanks.
  27. Myself and a few others would be interested in a good supply of HEI in 4x5 sheets as well. At least 6 boxes. Let's see if we can pull this off.
  28. Trying to get a production run of HSI has been discussed on the Infrared Mailing List several times. If I remember correctly, a run cost big $$$. Here are a couple of links (which you may have fix, remove spaces, etc.): http://www.pauck.de/archive/mailinglist/infrared/infrared.html http://www.pauck.de/archive/mailinglist/panorama/mhonarc/msg 06558.html Some people have been using the aerographic variant of this film in 70mm backs. Kodak makes a 5 inch wide roll version, but it would have to be cut down. And, it is on a thinner base, so it might not sit flat in a standard film holder. Here is the film: http://www.kodak.com/US/en/government/aerial/products/film/infr ared2424.shtml Anyway, I sent an email to Kodak asking about what a production run of 4x5 HSI would cost. IÕll post their reply when I get it. I have a sneaking suspicion it is going to be way out of our range... But, if the price isnÕt too exorbitant, IÕd be willing to organize the process. Oh yeah, since this might take awhile, any of you guys with your freezer full of HSI willing to sell me a few boxes? :) Jon
  29. I'll take 4 boxes. Looks like plenty of people are interested.
  30. i would be interested too in 5 boxes......here in germany its absolutely impossible to find 4x5" kodak hie...and i love the film!!!!
  31. Should some trusty soul offer this film on E-bay I will certainly
    bid. A good way to distribute....

    Is the Sinar bag bellows IR worthy?
  32. count me in on a number of boxes!
  33. I would be thrilled to get several boxes of fresher HIE. I just got 3 boxes off ebay, but they were pretty old. I have put them in the freezer until I'm ready to try and use them. We'll see what happens.

    D. Maher
  34. Kodak Replies

    I sent an email to Kodak about the possiblilities of a custom run, here is part of their reply:
    " Special orders will not be honored since this process is for variations on an existing base support (roll and sheet films are on a different support). We had tried making this in the smallest amounts possible, but still were not getting enough sales to cover costs."
  35. So that's the answer?........no, and get lost. These are certainly warm and friendly folks, they make you feel good all over.
  36. Is this guys word final? Or is it a waste of time to question someone else?
  37. Here is the full text of the reply from Kodak
    While this is a tremendous film, very unique in many ways without any competition in the marketplace, Kodak announced to its dealers in March 2000 that we will be discontinuing our KODAK HIGH SPEED INFRARED FILM 4143 (ESTAR THICK BASE), Catalog number 171-3015, 25 sheets of 4x5 due to lack of demand (not enough sales to support its continued manufacture). All unsold and expired films have already been scrapped early in 2001 so no product inventory remains. All domestic dealers have sold out of their inventories as well. Special orders will not be honored since this process is for variations on an existing base support (roll and sheet films are on a different support). We had tried making this in the smallest amounts possible, but still were not getting enough sales to cover costs.
  38. Or are you a Canuck like Jack and me? :)
    I must be more of a Canuck than u are cuz you did not get my joke!!
    (In Friendly MB)
    Put me down for 100 sheets (4x5)
  39. Well....I have tried Kodak re manufacturing 5x4 HSIR as a special run.
    Initially it seemed thay may have been interested in a batch of 10,000
    sheets but as it transpires, they would have only considered a minimum
    of 50,000 sheets - if at all!This is a great shame considering the
    number of replies to the original question and the obvious interest in
    this fantastic film. Although there are alternatives on the market
    (Maco from Germany) they do not have the response that HSIR could
    deliver.In addition, I have just spoken to Kodak in the UK who say
    that 70mm will also be discontinued.The digital fut

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